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comment Is it possibe to upgrade and re-jailbreak (in order to unlock) a 3Gs running on 4.1?
@Licores : Yes please. Could you give more information about this IMEI unlock ? I contacted Apple, they said unlock procedures can be performed by carriers only. The problem is that the carrier don't unlock the phone unless the request is made by the customer who subscribed. So since i can't get in touch with the person who sold me the phone (the subscriber), i'm stuck ...
comment How to remove unsupported format podcasts from iTunes download queue on iPad/iPhone
Hello, Thanks for your answer but i was talking about the iPad iTunes app not the mac OSX application.
comment How to remove media files from an iPhone
Hi, Sorry for the late reply. No they don't show up on Mac iTunes. I deleted the files using iPhone explorer. Everything's been fine .. so far
comment How to remove media files from an iPhone
They don't show up on iTunes. The only way I can locate them is when i plug the iPhone to the desktop and browse its memory using apps like iPhone Explorer and/or DeTune
comment Can someone else sign into my iTunes account to download my purchased apps?
Thank you very much for the time you took to reply. You answered my question and i agree with what you said concerning developers.