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comment OSX : Cancel the shutdown sequence
Shutdown is implemented by the loginwindow process, killing the loginwindow process would stop the shutdown. But this logs you out it's not really much better.. Back in OS9 you could just open an application and it would stop the whole process!
comment Macintosh HD missing after failed catalog btree rebuilding
It's very expensive but Disk Warrior has a good track record of rebuilding HFS+ structures that diskutil can't
comment Where can I download the versions of Safari that are newer than what Apple ships?
Did it go to the homepage at nightly.webkit.org? If so you are running the nightly
comment Exchange files between 2 Macs over wifi
If they aren't on the same network you can always select 'Create Network' from the Wi-Fi menu. Then the other computer can connect and they can exchange files over apple file sharing (Sharing pane in system preferences)
comment Is there an application for boosting the bass levels of all system audio?
You could always just use the built in iTunes equalizer found in the Window menu. Or do you need features outside of this?
comment What is wired memory?
More specifically wired memory is memory that cannot be paged. Any other application have its memory placed in the swap file but wired memory always remains in the real ram. Some of the most common users of wired memory are visualization applications (Parallels, VMWare) and the mac os x operating system. Also don't worry if you don't have much free memory, inactive memory is as good as free because it can be reallocated to any application that needs it. Lots of page in's and out's are a good sign that you need more ram though