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I mostly operate routers.

comment How can I quickly change a setting that is “deep” in a menu?
So I'll ask the question. Why do you need to turn off wifi calling? I'm not familiar with it, however I think that it would just not allow wifi calling if that method didn't work.
comment iOS 7.1 - Where do emails go to when I 'archive' them in Gmail App?
Pedantically, this is the built in mail app, not the built in gmail app. It operates the same way with archive as web gmail does.
comment Is it possible to share reminders?
Looks as though according to @Crazyj's answer which was edited recently that this is back in the icloud.com - you need to hover over the list, apparently just as you did before, and a sharing icon will pop up.
comment Is it possible to share reminders?
@pdd If this is in iOS 6, can someone step-by-step it? I can't seem to find it...
comment My iphone 4s's sound settings changed by themselves
It reboots the phone. You said you haven't changed anything, and verified the settings haven't changed, but you're getting different behavior. So reboot it, and see if it gets better. If not, more diagnosis is needed.
comment If I use a prepaid SIM card from AT&T retail store in iPhone, do I get 3G or GSM service?
I don't know the answer but wanted to point out that E is EDGE service and O is "GSM" service.