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comment What happens, exactly, when an iPhone app is run on an iPad at 2x scale?
@PaulBrewczynski To run in Retina resolution.
comment Increase double-click cursor movement sensitivity
@user14492 No, distance is definitely a relevant variable. To prove this, decrease the necessary speed in Accessibility, click, move the mouse more than 15 pixels, and click again. That will not register as a double-click. However, if you only move the mouse ~10 pixels, it will register, even if it is done at exactly the same speed.
comment Change keyboard layout when remote viewing
Which machine's keyboard layout are you trying to change, the local or remote one?
comment How can I prevent Safari from removing first words of tabs' titles?
@nelson2tm Hm, doesn't seem to be happening for me either. Maybe it has been removed entirely.
comment How can I prevent Safari from removing first words of tabs' titles?
@myhd I'm not sure…I don't think so, but maybe. I don't know when it decides to truncate now, but the example posed in the question is no longer an issue. If I visit two questions on AD whose first tag is the same, Safari will helpfully remove it, but if I visit "Ask a Question" and "Ask Different", it does not (helpfully). Regardless, it might be worth keeping to see if there's a way to turn it off entirely, not just to prevent erroneous behavior from occurring.
comment Visual confirmation of keyboard layout change in OS X Yosemite
If you like a clean menu bar, try Bartender. It lets you hide icons while letting them be accessible. Also, you can tell it to temporarily show an icon when it changes, which could be a good solution to your question here. The flag could be hidden except for the five seconds after you switch layouts, for instance.
comment Why is it not possible to use the “cut” command to manipulate a file in the Finder?
@toolmakersteve Yeah, I'm not sure how I misunderstood that.
comment How do I stop the Adobe Creative Cloud app from auto-launching on login?
@kakubei, I'm not sure what you're seeing, but I'm using the latest version and the option is still there. I just updated my answer to show how it looks now.
comment App Store on iOS keeps asking for another user's iTunes credentials
@EnricoSusatyo: Good point! Thanks for adding.
comment Window-shadow causes weird bugs in Google Chrome
I recommend doing lots of testing and reporting it on the Chromium issues list, where someone will probably be able to help troubleshoot and fix the bug.
comment Is handoff / continuity (iOS 8+) supported in iTunes?
Rereading, that's not quite what you asked about, but I expect it still might be useful.
comment Can I reinstall a single iOS app without losing its data?
Updating apps is very different from reinstalling, plus that solution only works when there is an update available.
comment Boot Camp partition is on lowest brightness and will not change
Are you sure it's simply dimmed all the way down? Is the screen just black, or unlit? Is the backlight very far down, or off completely?
comment Turning off ambient light control?
@MikeSchneider Before 2011, iMacs were not equipped with an ambient light sensor, so they can't measure brightness levels. Sorry!
comment Can't disable “Press the Option key five times to turn Mouse Keys on and off”
"went to the appropriate place in System Preferences to disable this, … but it's greyed out." I no longer have the problem, so it's moot, but your answer doesn't address my question.
comment How can I tell iTunes to stop playing a song?
Your answer is utterly false. Since time of asking (at which point even then your answer was incorrect), iTunes now lets one stop playback with command-period or the respective menu item.
comment Banning domains temporarily from local access
There are dozens of browser extensions and apps that do that automatically. Would that be acceptable, or are you really looking to do it through AppleScript or something?
comment Are old podcast episodes removed from the iTunes store?
Nearly all of the podcasts I linked to are still updating, so that's definitely not the issue. However, I didn't know that podcast episodes aren't hosted on Apple's servers. Is that the case, or did I misunderstand? If so, it seems to me like that's the most likely explanation.
comment Is there an app that lets me use an iPhone as a mouse?
Okay, good luck! I've spent ages searching and so far the most promising things have all turned out to be of the waving-the-iPhone-in-the-air variety.
comment Is there an app that lets me use an iPhone as a mouse?
@NickT Obviously this is quite different, but there are apps that measure your pulse with the camera. It simply detects the changes in brightness. I'd imagine it might be possible to make this work even with the very blurry image you'd get.