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I like to work with Cocoa, PHP, HTML5, and servers. I have six Apple certifications, including the System Administrator certification. On the side, I really enjoy running cross country and track. I've also done a lot of work for various companies.

You can check out some of my projects on GitHub.

comment Where is my crontab file?
In Snow Leopard, the user crontabs are stored in /var/cron/tabs, as well.
comment How do I stop a deleted purchased apps from continously charging me?
You are being charged by Apple?
comment How to find the location of an icon file on OS X?
Thanks. You were completely correct, though, do you know if Apple has a higher resolution image of this somewhere?
comment Sandbox admin privileges
Wow, I understand why it works but it's still a little surprising. According to what you said, I could give an app access to another user's desktop folder (or any other folder I don't have permission to access) as long as I open up one of its parent folders in an Open dialog. It kind of defeats the purpose of permissions unless I'm not seeing it correctly.
comment How to use pipeline in Terminal
@bmike Thanks for responding, but could you be more clear? Should I do something like echo password | echo password | echo password | normal command?
comment Move contents of one directory to another
That link isn't working...
comment Move contents of one directory to another
I'm trying to restore a server... so I'm confused by what needs to be copied over and what not. I have all of the files I need, there are just multiple problems with the current OS (programs crashing, VPN issues, Open Directory issues, etc). It all seemed to happen after I installed that security update Apple just released...
comment Install Snow Leopard Server
Thanks for your help. As long as I can install server on top of the normal OS then this will be fine. Apple said that the included serial number only works with the discs included. That's why I'm concerned...
comment Remote Management
Thanks for your help. I didn't find anything useful in system.log, but it shows when the computer is being watched, by which user, and from which IP address in secure.log.
comment How can I set up multihoming?
See my answer, got it to work.
comment How can I set up multihoming?
Yes, I would like to run two websites on the server.
comment Request for experience: when has having only 16GB on your iPhone inconvenienced you?
The only reason I get 32 GB or 64 GB devices is if I plan on putting A LOT, let me be more clear, A LOT of video on it. If you're just putting audio and apps on your device, then 16 GB and definitely 32 GB will be sufficient. Good for you, I like that you're donating money to a good cause! +1