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comment How do Services work on Mac OS X Lion (I can't make them appear in Menu Bar)
@soxman Specifically, I'm trying to make a service that will take a selected image and scale it down, greyscale it, etc. I tried setting the Service to accept "no input" though, and it still won't show up in the menu. See my last paragraph - I don't think this is directly related to
comment I have a directory behaving very strangely
Hey, thank you for the response. I left the problem alone for a bit, then came back here and tried installing and running the software you recommended. With it running, I was able to ls and then rm -r the directory successfully. I'm not sure if this was due to your solution and having the program running, or the gremlins decided to leave my computer alone. Either way, thank you for your advice!
comment I have a directory behaving very strangely
desktop. thanks for taking a look at my question!
comment Why doesn't Automator service appear in iTunes?
Thank you, that works perfectly. For future reference, seem to have run into this really weird issue, where if I save an existing Service and change the 'receives selected' field, it won't appear. I had to make a new Service to get it to appear!