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comment How do I do a pivot table in Numbers?
Apparently there is a categories feature that gives some of this power, but I'm still looking for a better answer. macmost.com/pivot-tables-in-iwork-09-numbers.html
comment What's the best NAS for home usage with Macs?
ZFS may be an excellent file system, but your recommendations have no relation to the criteria specified in the question. Bulletproof file server with acceptable Samba implementation is not a great turn-key solution for someone wanting the utmost in Mac compatibility.
comment Macbook Air - i5 vs i7
I don't know where this canard originated (I've seen it in other articles too), but video encoding is a perfect example of something that gains very little benefit from cache.
comment How do I send C-/ (that is, control-slash) to the terminal?
Thanks for the thorough answer. I'm going to try playing with different terminal types to see if I can get it to work.
comment Is an iMac upgradable to a 256 GB SSD?
The internal drive is a 3.5" so it won't fit in the data doubler, but there isn't any reason you would care which drive is in which slot.