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comment How to delay locking of my Mac when I am not using it
After I click the lock to make changes, my "Require password" is disabled. Perhaps this is a custom change in my office provided laptop?
comment How can I specify delimiters in Terminal for word and character selection before copying and pasting?
Many many thanks!! This is awesome!
comment How to simulate “right click” in Apple MacBook Pro
Thanks, I am able to tweak time response of touchpad as you mentioned above. I also notice that while typing (say blogging etc), if I have to go a few words back, my keyboard response to <-- key is very slow. So either I use mouse to click at desired place or wait for <-- key to reach to the place. This key response is noticeably slower than what I am used to in ibm thinkpad/dell etc. My CPU is of decent configuration, so I don't think the system speed should be a hurdle here. Any way to configure keys response time too??