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I am a 3rd year Computer Sciences student majoring in software development @ Seneca College in Toronto, ON. I recently worked for Lanxess Inc. as a part time CPA and acted as lead developer on 2 projects while i there. I specialize in C# based application development with a primary focus on ASP.net MVC applications. I have lead the way for the Lanxess Sarnia site to bringing a more focused approach on development using MVC technologies and modernizing development workflows. I also have worked on a major project for Park Property Management in Markham, ON to make their tax reporting process drastically more efficient reducing their property and expenses preparation time from 2-3 weeks down to less than an hour. I also currently maintain the TagChimp Metadata .net nuget package and am currently working on a Transit based project to facilitate real time tracking API for Buses, LRT, and subways in several major population centers including New York, Toronto, Boston, Miami plus over 30 other cities