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I HAVE THE ANSWER ;) Uninstall youtube app if you have it. Go to App Store -> download "chrome". Open it and go to On the top right there are three dots -> request desktop site If you play the video you should be able to see the gear on the bottom right of the video player! Thank me later.


Download the google app. Next open the google app on your iphone and type "youtube" into the search bar. Click search result to open the youtube website and it will automatically open the mobile version. Now you can play playlists and use all of youtubes functionality on your iphone.


A common issue is the output selection in the media apps: Make sure that on your phone, in the media screen, you have selected the correct output source (Bluetooth - Mercedes name) to play the audio (assuming audio is coming from the phone when it doesn't work) If no audio comes (make sure volume is up) .. However, the Mercedes model / year may not ...


There are various Bluetooth profiles available as documented here. The various profiles enable only certain functions. It maybe that your car needs to be paired more than once. The Bluetooth profile that handlers music is likely A2DP, whereas the other functions are likely handled by HFP or HID. Check the manual for your in car audio system and see if ...


You might want to try this solution from Apple's own forum (be sure to back-up your Bookmarks first): Open a Finder window. Select your Home folder in the Sidebar on the left. Now open the Library folder then the Safari folder. Move the LastSession.plist and the Downloads.plist files from the Safari folder to the Trash. Restart your Mac. ...

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