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According to this question and answers - YouTube at double speed on mobile - there are not many good options. The Swift Player app ( can, but it is not availabe in the US. The Play Tube Free from VietMobile can also ( but it also is not available in the US. Supposedly you can switch to the desktop view ...


I post this answer just to "close" the question, since I don't have the problem anymore and can't test what is correct and what is wrong answer. The problem somehow disappeared after update 9.0.3. I say "somehow", because right after I've performed the update the problem was still present, I noticed that it is not there anymore only several days after.


It's always a bit tricky to download anything on iOS devices.. When I want to download a youtube video I open the YouTube video in my browser and add "dlv" in front of youtube so that it reads and there download it.. Then I transfer it over to the device with iTunes.


Start the YouTube application on your Apple TV scroll to the right to "settings" in your menu click "settings" and go to "clear cookies" choose "clear cookies" and start playing your videos again.


Had same issue. I cleared the cookies in the youtube app and it started working


I would first look at the network connection and the Internet connection. If neither of those are the issue, or (as with me) neither of those can be changed, the best I can suggest is to quickly pause the video near the beginning and wait a while, in hopes that your Apple TV will build a sufficient buffer at the desired resolution. If the resolution ...


Not without a dedicated app designed for this function, but it's unlikely it exists because its an uncommon desire. However, you could potentially download videos into a video editor, and double the speed there.


For me this works: First switch Chrome window mode to full screen mode by pressing the green dot on the top left side of the view: After that menu bar should be hidden so now enter full screen mode in youtube player: Enjoy your video on full screen without menu bar.


First you need to understand that there are a couple of ways that Closed Captioning can be added to a video. If you are looking at iOS specifically, then the video must conform to the CEA-608 encoding standard, and needs to be either a HTTP Live Stream (HLS) or MP4 video. Other video formats WON’T work on iOS as an embedded video if you need CC playback. If ...

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