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The following applies to IOS 8 on iPhone: A YouTube logo appears in the lower right corner of embedded YouTube videos. If you click on the usual big round 'play button' in the center of the embedded video, it will play fullscreen inside Safari. However if you click on the YouTube logo, the video will open in the YouTube app.


VLC is where it's at. It features things like video streaming and much more. I use it all the time and I highly recommend it. It is cross platform as well.


I would recommend you change your script to something like this, to avoid all the copy/pasting: -- this makes it much easier to add a new search engine. The '¬' means the line is continued on the next line. set searchEngines to { ¬ {name:"Google", URL:"https://www.google.com/?q="}, ¬ {name:"YouTube", ...


Add "Google Images?" to the acceptable results for the text returned. else if text returned of result is in {"Google Images", "Google Images?"} then instead of: else if text returned of result = "Google Images" then This will allow for you to enter both as acceptable answers in your dialog.


I use Movist. It's a native video player that used to be free but is now sold at the App Store. Old versions can still be downloaded for free, but they use an old version of ffmpeg that doesn't even support Hi10P, and the application has changed a lot since then. Both Movist and MPlayerX have nicer UIs than VLC in my opinion, and they are also faster at ...


I use mplayer in its Cocoa form MplayerX like VLC it can't edit the video but just plays it. (There is a version in the Mac App Store but it is old as Apple does not now allow some of the functions the are needed (although I had no issues with it until I upgraded to Yosemite) To increase speed go to AVS->Increase Speed (or decrease) or ⌘] or ⌘[ I prefer ...


This answer will be short: VLC. Has everything you need except the rotation. It's a media player, not a video editor. To alter the playback speed in VLC: Go to to Playback → Playback Speed. You can also alter the playback speed using ⌘= and ⌘-. For rotation, as user Iwillnotexist Idonotexist notes in the comments below, you can go to Window -> Video ...


First thing I would always try for Flash issues is to disable Hardware Acceleration... Right click any Flash video & select Settings... Then click the first tab at the bottom & uncheck Enable hardware acceleration

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