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This can happen with any app if you have formerly downloaded the same app (i.e. With the same internal "bundle id") from outside the App Store. Simply move the app to the Trash, restart the App Store app and try downloading the app again. Trashing an app does never make you lose your settings or even project. This is not Windows (where Uninstallers are ...


Yes I always found updating XCode from the AppStore a painful experience. Assuming you have a developer account, use this link and then find the version of XCode you need.


Turn off the Show live issues checkbox in Xcode > Preferences > General (found near the top of the panel). I was experiencing the same issue. I found this answer through Editor glitch when editing near end of long file in Apple's Developer Forums. It worked for me running Xcode 7.3 with a 2706 line file. The glitch happened around line 2250.

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