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Xcode is likely trying to use the network. This is triggering a rule in your firewall that results in Xcode's code signature being checked – requiring a read of the complete application bundle. Experiment with the following option in OS X's firewall settings: System Preferences.app > Security & Privacy > Firewall > Firewall Options… > Automatically ...


Choose a file. View -> Utilities -> Show File inspector then deselect Wrap lines in "Text Settings".


I find that the flexibility of being able to move around in the house makes it worth getting a laptop. Mobile freedom is really addictive once you get used to it. The only issue is that, for coding, having a ton of screen real-estate is advantageous. Obviously the iMac has the MacBook Pro beat in that regard, but you could get a cheap external display for ...


In my particular case, the only way to fix it was to turn off my company's VPN. Details: I was trying to install XCode 6.3.1 on OS X Yosemite v.10.10.3. All of the previous solutions didn't work, although the suggestion to debug the installation process through App Store and to tail the log files were crucial to find the root cause. Steps to find the root ...


For newer Xcode's (including 6.1) follow below steps to see the installed apps (.app) location >> Right click Xcode.app. Go to 'Show Contents'. Navigate to this part of the file path: Contents > Developer > Platforms > iPhoneSimulator.platform > Developer > SDKs > iPhoneSimulator8.1.sdk > Applications Here will show all installed .app list. Besides if ...


Apple stops signing the old OS within a week or so of a new one coming out, for all devices that can support that OS. After that, there's no way to go back, unless you saved your SHSH blob from the prior version's installation. You should be able to get Xcode 6.3.1 from Apple Developer or update from the App Store.


A late-model, mid-range Mini will be fine. If all you need is a personal webserver and compiler farm it's very good value. Probably not powerful enough for rendering 3D animation unless you're patient. Your storage concerns are very easily eliminated by plugging in an external drive. Get a small SSD with the Mini, store your stuff on a FW800 or Thunderbolt ...

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