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How to install Windows without using the BootCamp Assistant. Download and copy the Boot Camp Support Software to a flash drive. You will need this later. You need to create a "MS-DOS (FAT)" formatted partition. One way would be during a clean install. Use the Disk Utility to create a two partitions. The first would be "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" for ...


Your layout sounds reasonable. I can't answer this fully for you, but what I'd suggest is setting up both a Boot Camp and VM (or the Boot Camp as a VM disk), trying both ways out for a while, and see what works best for you. Some of this is personal taste and you may just have to find out for yourself. I have a similar setup: Retina MacBook Pro; Mac for ...


Your data in Mac drive may be encrypted by FileVault, so other OS suppose not to see this encrypted drive. Go to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> FileVault -> Turn off. It works based on my experience.

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