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To free up space in your EFI partition, you would have to first mount it. This can be done using the command given below. Enter the command in a Terminal application windows. diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1 Below is an image of the entire contents of my EFI partition. I assume you can delete any folder and/or file other than what is shown below. (Actually, ...


The install likely damaged the boot partition, making the Mac think there are no operating systems at all. It is likely/possible that your Mac partition is OK. Can you boot with COMMAND-R (recovery mode) and reinstall Mac OS? That should fix the boot partition and get you back up and running. Doing so should not cause you to lose any data as long as you ...


I had experienced the same problem after resetting my Macbook Air and then attempting to re-install W7 in Bootcamp. The default bootcamp assistant download returns an error message, so I had to download an older version which did boot the W7 desktop, but without drivers for sound and wifi. I did however have USB functionality, from this I was able to insert ...


I had the same problem. You just need to reformat it again even though it shows 100% empty, just click format.

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