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Fusion Drive is an OS X specific way of caching data. If you use Bootcamp on a Fusion Drive you will get Windows on the hard drive only. Some information from this Apple note


You could use BootCamp, but that would require you to buy Windows. The next best thing I can think of trying is Wine, which can run (some) Windows programs on a Mac. To check if your program has been tested to work under Wine, check the WineHQ app database. The database may not include a test of your program, so try running your program using WineBottler ...


According to Apple you should be able to as long as they are on the same Home Sharing network. http://support.apple.com/kb/PH12352


You will need to use a program called PuttyGen.exe on the Windows side to generate a public and private key. Using the "Generate" button, generate the keys using the above program. You will then need to move the public key that is generated to your mac. Save a copy of the private key to use later using the "Save private key" button. On your windows ...

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