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Here's an updated procedure for Windows 10, based on orkoden's excellent answer. I tested this process on a MacBookPro11,1 running OS X 10.11.5 (15F34). Throughout the process, directly connect all devices to your Mac. I found that certain operations failed more frequently if I used the USB hub in my monitor. In addition to the external drive that will ...


When using the Winclone product to install Windows on a external USB drive, it is extremely important that you first read all the instructions provided by Winclone. Winclone provides the Web page: Running Windows from an External Drive. This page provides links to two videos. The first link is the same as given in your question. The second link provides the ...


Here's what worked for me. The latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop shows to enter the user name as "DOMAIN\user name". Well this won't work with Windows 10. I entered my username as "" and voila! It worked. Hope this helps someone as frustrated as myself.


In answer to whether a 64-bit installation shows up, listed as 32-bit in the Task Manager, per That's normal on a 64-bit version of iTunes. (It's a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit componentry, and the itunes.exe is 32-bit.) Is your iPodservice.exe running as 64-bit? If so, and your itunes version is 9.x or ...

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