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Quite simply, you purchase a license for OS X by buying a Mac. It is licensed only for Apple hardware. There is no other way to legitimately run it, either natively or in VM. Running it on any other hardware would be against Apple's EULA & would also be off-topic for StackExchange.


XQuartz, which is the OS X X-server implementation doesn't support native Aqua apps like Mail.app, just regular unix X-server apps - xterm, etc, so I don't think this will work for you. However, OS X does come with VNC built in, if you want to share screens from Windows. It's under Sharing in System Preferences, check the box for 'Screen Sharing'. See this: ...


First of all, try both repair disk (if grayed, then verify), and repair disk permissions. If you are still unable, boot to single-user mode (Command +S on boot) and type in the following. /sbin/fsck -fy Press enter, then type reboot. If it still does not work, then do the following, but be sure to backup: Hold Command +R on boot to start Recovery ...

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