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The setup proposed in the setup guide provides a dual-drive environment with a "swapped" system. The faster SSD finally contains the system, some user folders and all apps and the slower but larger HDD contains your user data. If your Windows Parallels VM is stored in your user folder (the default path is /User/[username]/Documents/Parallels.../) it will ...


Check device manager to see if the iphone is listed, or if you have anything with a question or exclamation mark. Edit- also check disk management (just type diskmgmt.msc on start menu and press enter, or into windows + R run box and press enter) to see if the drive is possibly detected without a letter assigned.


Here's what you need to do. On El Capitan, you don't have permission to edit the info.plist file, and giving yourself that permission is not possible without disabling the rootless feature in terminal, which I would not recommend. Instead, simply copy Boot Camp Assistant to another folder, then you will be able to edit and use that copy. I copied it to my ...

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