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This is the Apple paradigm - all windows belonging to one app are part of a single process, unlike Windows, which is, as the name suggests, windows-based. Apple is App-based. What you are seeing is intended behaviour. The simplest 'workaround' - though to me an indispensable way to use the machine - is to enable Spaces & the associated hot-keys, then ...


You're clicking the Finder icon in Mission Control, click ONLY the window you want to display.


I just had this same accessibility issue using RedQuits 2.0 and was able to get it working with Yosemite (10.10). Just follow the steps below. Download RedQuits v2.0 RedQuits Download Link Double click the downloaded package. (You will most likely get a warning telling you the software was not downloaded from the mac store) Click the apple icon in the ...


Might be worth trying to login as another user, either creating a new user, or using the guest account to see if it happens there also, if it does not. It would suggest the issue is with the preferences in your user account, especially if it only happens in some apps, you can look to clear their caches and preferences. However if it continues, I would ...

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