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I used to use an app called Zephyros which is open source on Github https://github.com/pd/zephyros Loved it because its essentially infinitely configurable and very lightweight whereas a lot of the commercial apps I've tried are always unnecessarily heavy on resources which bugs the crap out of me. But I've had trouble running Zephyros ever since I ...


If you don't mind adding a modifier key to the gesture. Hold the key, say CMD, and swipe twice.


My favorite is Spectacle Out of the box your shortcuts works exactly as you describe in your question. ⌘ ⌥ ← left half side of the screen, and ⌘ ⌥ → for the right. It also supports assigning a shortcut for moving a window to another screen:


BetterSnapTool also has this feature (as a shortcut). I think it was a free app, and its been a great one. There is a shortcut where you can maximize the window in the next screen (among other shortcuts or ways of doing this). See the screenshot of the related shortcuts.


If you try to make a window bigger than the size left by the Dock, by dragging the bottom of a window yourself, you will notice that you can't do it. This is because the Dock already behaves like a Windows Taskbar: you can move windows behind it but not resize windows beyond it. The problem lies with the tool that you are using to resize the window-it is ...


Having a look at the man page for open, it doesn't seem to allow it, but you can use applescript to resize and position windows: tell application "Finder" to set the bounds of window 1 to {325, 465, 1095, 926} The numbers are the coordinates in pixels of the top left and bottom right of the the window: top left corner x top left corner y bottom right ...


System Preferences Appearance Second section,select Double-click a window's....

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