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Take 3 fingers and swipe across your trackpad from left to right. That will get you back to the desktop real quick..not minimize the window completely. it accomplishes the same thing though and i prefer this method better cuz you can get back and forth from page by just a swipe back and forth..


Option 1 = Switch to fullscreen Option 2 = Autohide the dock When you try to save this time resize the dialog window so its not so low and continue saving. It should remember the same size when you switch back to your normal screen or dock settings.


Alternative method, even though the first method works & was accepted as the correct answer... this also works for attached file-picker sheets where you cannot reach the red/yellow/green dots. Shift/drag any visible edge of a window will simultaneously resize it from all sides except the side opposite to the drag; then enabling you to drag it to a new ...


If you can see the top left corner of the window, there should be a Red, Yellow and Green circle. If you click the Green circle, the window should resize so that its entirety is visible. You can then drag any side or corner to the desired size.


Those would be Control+F4 - Move focus to the active (or next) window Shift+Control+F4 - Move focus to the previously active window If you have the "F keys as standard function keys" option disabled in System Preferences > Keyboard, enable it. Or use Fn in addition to the above shortcuts.


I found that BetterTouchTool solves this problem nicely. The Preferences aren't quite intuitive: Select "Other" category at the top of the window. Make sure that "Global" is selected at the left side. Click "Configure New Trigger" button in the bottom part of the window. Select "Leftclick Green Window Button" as trigger. Select "Zoom Window Below Cursor" ...


OS X already does this. If you open an app, then switch app before the window loads, the window of the second app will open behind the app you are currently working in. Photoshop does not create standard OS X windows, instead using its own windowing system. This means that Photoshop windows and therefore the app itself does not abide by OS X windowing ...

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