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Here is an AppleScript that achieves the results of what you're asking. tell application "Safari" activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "h" using {command down, option down} end tell set miniaturized of (windows whose index is not 1) to true end tell Note: The above AppleScript works for me under OS X 10.8.5 and ...


The site has a general options list as well for the window management category at: What Window Management Options exist for OS X? For your specific requirements of keyboard, HUD and non-text preferences, I would select either divvy or moom. The former is one I've selected for several clients and they have enjoyed it and adopted it easily. Moom is also ...


BetterSnapTool is quite handy!has all kind of configuration options and works just like windows 7-10 management, where you snap app windows on the side to or to the top to maximise the current application window and has a menu bar icon where you can access all kinds of options.I think this is the website for more info, but App Store is more informative....


If you minimize the app with the yellow dot it the window left top, then you'll not get the window shown again - unless you with the mouse click on the app icon in the dock. BUT - if you minimize the app with CMD+H, then you'll get the window shown again with CMD+TAB


CMD+H seems to work too. Strangly CMD+Mdoes not do anything.

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