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Having a look at the man page for open, it doesn't seem to allow it, but you can use applescript to resize and position windows: tell application "Finder" to set the bounds of window 1 to {325, 465, 1095, 926} The numbers are the coordinates in pixels of the top left and bottom right of the the window: top left corner x top left corner y bottom right ...


System Preferences Appearance Second section,select Double-click a window's....


Those 5 pixels are tied to the Dock. You can position the dock on either the left of right side instead, but the gap stays on the side of the Dock. I think this is something fairly low level with the Dock, as window managers (like Spectacle) will maximize windows and not use the gap. My $0.02: If you have a lot of screen real estate, as it looks like you ...


You can undo window positions by pressing option+command+Z.

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