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Nothing would happend, because they would not work (kernel modules), because MacOS and Linux have 2 completly different kernels. It's like trying to put engine from one car brand to another: it will not work with all else, cause all the connections/specifications are totally different. Besides, there is no lsmod/insmod/modbrobe/rmmod commands in Mac OS X... ...


What would happen if I were to force the Intel drivers for the Linux kernel into Mac OS X? Would it work? Would there be severe instability or data loss? Is it even possible? At best? 100% nothing. At worst? Crash your whole system and make it unusable or even unbootable. While Mac OS X is a flavor of Unix, and Linux is a flavor of Unix, you can’t ...


No, it's not possible, any more than you can run any other Linux binaries in OS X (without using a virtual machine).


I have the exactly same issue on both Wi-fi and Ethernet connections. It started after upgrading from Maverick to Yosemite and all my VPN connection were behaving the same. I got in touch with Apple support regarding this problem and their procedure was as follows: Create a new network location (which gives us fresh network settings to work with) Create ...

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