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Hold down the option key when you click on the WiFi menu. Then next to the currently active network there will be a "Disconnect from" option. I'm on Yosemite, and so I'm not sure whether this was present on earlier versions of OS X.


Apple released the 10.10.1 update today, which is supposed to fix many wifi issues.


There's a company called SkyHook that sells a wifi-based geolocation product to many companies, but not sure if Apple is one of them. It was a couple of years ago though. You can ask them to update their database here: http://www.skyhookwireless.com/submit-access-point. If Apple is doing their own geolocation services now, you're likely out of luck. ETA: ...


You can surely do this but please not that doing so will void your Apple warranty with the Airport Extreme. What you need to do is: Pull the HDD out of the Time Capsule (take it apart) Install the HDD in an enclosure or caddy Connect the enclosure to your Mac Use Disk Utility to create a 100GB partition Reinstall the HDD in your Airport Extreme and you ...


Is your iPhone 4s running (at least) iOS 7.1? If so, then I believe this support page from Apple should do the trick: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/ts1559 If neither of Apple's instructions work, then one idea is to you back up your iPhone using iTunes and restore the device. I recommend making a clean restore. If the Wi-Fi works, then you can either ...


When your wifi connectivity is active , run the Wireless Diagnostics and monitor the WIFI. Unzip the report and look at the file wifi-5gUAEy.log. 5gUAEy name is specific to that particular diagnostics report. In the wifi-xxxxxx.log , check for the text "Will not continue auto join". If the below issue exists in your report follow the steps to fix the ...


i try also many things, but after i change the network name in wifi options in internetsharing its work and i got the arrow back :)

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