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You've done a good amount of troubleshooting and at this point, you can probably assume the Mac hardware is probably fine make two conclusions: your home router being different than the service router your other devices re-connecting or reacting to your wifi differently When the internet breaks on your Mac - you'll want to run the wireless diagnostics ...


Have you tried System Prefs > Network > WiFi Switch off 'Ask to join new networks', then in the Advanced... section below, you can drag networks into your preferred order & delete ones you no longer wish the machine to remember [this will tie in with 'Ask to join...' & shouldn't bother you again].


Are you using an Airport base? If so, you can force the password to be added back to your keychain from there (assuming it is in the airport base settings). Go to Airport Utility/Edit/Wireless in this tab the name of your WiFi should be mentioned, with the password typed but not visible. If not selected yet, then tick the box for "Remember this password in ...


I think you will find Tunnelblick will do it without any problems. It's well supported and has good documentation on the site.

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