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Properly done you can achieve this by prioritizing one interface over the other. Prerequisites: two different networks (physically and logically) e.g. Ethernet: and Wi-Fi assign static IPs to the ethernet adapters on the source(s) and the target(s) with a proper net mask. A default gateway is not needed. In System ...


Below is a network diagram based on what I have read thus far. I have made some assumptions about the IP numbering conventions, but that will have no effect on the overall scenario. I am assuming that you are using two different subnets rather than 2 different classes of networks. But, either way, you have two very different network IP addressing schemes ...


I have been having the same problem. Changing the name of the SSID fixes it immediately. But if I ever happen to switch off the router and switch it back on, the problem recurs and I have to think of yet another name.

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