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A solution does in fact exist. Click the Wi-Fi symbol in the menu bar and choose Create Network.


It turned out to be problems with "overheating", so I installed Macs Fan Control and set it a bit aggresive, ie linear, and it "solved" it. I haven't heard back from the support yet though, but there seems to be an issue with the coolant paste to the north bridge. I'll see when I actually have time to turn it in. It goes from ca 40C to 95C in mere seconds ...


I am experiencing the same problem. The issue is the router. There are a number of reasons why the router would do this....memory of the router is too small, too many connections for it to handle, to just poor quality components. The way you can verify that it is the router is by Pinging the router (which you did and it failed) Pinging another device on ...

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