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Quicky by BlackOp is my choice. it lets you do lossless webcam video capture. I then do a frame dump from the video with Quicktime Pro 7


I use Peep Shields. They are functional and look great too.


It's possible you have installed, or someone else has installed, a system utility to capture the image from the iSight when opened. This is often something an anti-theft application might do, in order to track down the user of a stolen laptop. One combination of utilities that can do this sort of thing is "sleepwatcher" (http://www.bernhard-baehr.de/) and ...


Send an email to yourself with the signature you made on the other mac from the other mac. Open the email on the mac with the broken iSight. Select the signature and copy (cmd + c) it. Go to Mail/preferences/signatures and create a new signature. Paste (cmd + v) in the signature box. Is this what you mean?

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