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It turned out to be problems with "overheating", so I installed Macs Fan Control and set it a bit aggresive, ie linear, and it "solved" it. I haven't heard back from the support yet though, but there seems to be an issue with the coolant paste to the north bridge. I'll see when I actually have time to turn it in. It goes from ca 40C to 95C in mere seconds ...


Unfortunately removing the Digitizer component only disables Quicktime access to the camera. Command line utilities can still gain access. Your best move is to paint over the camera lens. That is what I did. I also painted over the microphone holes.


If you just want to see what your webcam is showing: Open QuickTime Player --> File --> New Movie Recording It will give the option to record what your webcam is seeing but you don't have to. It will show a video feed from your webcam. As an alternative to QuickTime Player you can use VLC. You'll have to download it from VLC's website. Once ...

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