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Someone at Apple communities helped me resolve the issue. Posting an answer if someone faces the same issue. set theCurrentDate to current date set dateTime to short date string of theCurrentDate & space & time string of theCurrentDate set P to offset of "/" in dateTime set dateTime to text 1 through (P - 1) of dateTime & "-" & text (P + 1)...


My understanding is, it depends on the model of your Macbook. The ability to turn the camera on without the green light was only proven in pre-2008 laptops. No proof exists that you can do the same in post-2008 laptops. This question Are there privacy concerns with the Built-In iSight Camera and LED Indicator? seems to agree that newer models you can't.


Based on the description and the comments, this sounds like a hardware failure, not malware. The iSight camera and/or cable has most likely failed. Replacing it should be a fairly simple task to a tech to accomplish The first thing to do when having hardware difficulty of any type is to run Apple Hardware Test (AHT). Simply hold down the D key while ...

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