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I have the C910 and it's totally working on my Mac Pro and my MacBook Air. QuickTime can record 1080p, as well as iMovie/FinalCut should. There is no necessarity for drivers or additional software to get this working on your Mac.


"ResEdit" was the basic utility to inspect/edit resources such as images, video, and sound in Mac OS applications and games. It runs in Mac OS or Classic environments and can be downloaded from http://www.mac.org/utilities/resedit/ "ResFork" runs on OS X 10.2 and provides similar functionality to ResEdit. Using ResEdit or ResFork you should be able to find ...


It is "hard"wired... the firmware of the webcam has this behavior built in. To hack this one would need to rewrite the camera firmware to disable it. There is very little chance of this actually happening to you. Apple does not document on how to do this, and the actually firmware is probably encrypted. You seem to be unable to find evidence of this, but ...


There is also 'Webcam Settings' https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/webcam-settings/id533696630?mt=12 for a quarter of the price. I don't know how they compare on feature set, but it's been useful to me over the years.

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