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I will try to answer in the following order 3 - Settings are remembered for the whole site. Not for the page. 2 - There is a settings under Preferences -> Privacy, for this. You can select either to be prompted once a day, only once or deny all the time. 1 - I don't think there is no way to do this directly. But I think you can work around it by ...


With iOS 9 it is now possible to use official ad blockers in Safari. For example Adblock Fast


Starting at Dave’s answer, I found that with Chrome 45, running osascript is no longer needed, and that with OS X 10.10, the Apple Script is not selectable in the system preferences. Here is how I solved it. Create an Apple Script using the Apple Script editor, and export it as an application. on open location theURL do shell script "/usr/bin/open ...

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