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To go to the iOS AppStore from a Windows on OS X machine you need iTunes as that is the only app that knows about IOS things. However if you browse on the iOS device you go direct to the AppStore and don't need iTunes


You can't do it from a browser. iTunes is the only way to actually purchase something. However, you can use Settings > iTunes and App Store on your iDevices to configure them to automatically download any new media that gets attributed to your Apple ID, such that you'll automatically get any new apps that your Apple ID buys on any device.


If you really mean by automatically opens in task bar as a Browser icon displays a the little icon on top of it in the Dock (Handoff app icon in Dock ), and when you click it it opens the same page you are viewing on the other Mac. then this is nothing to do with iCloud. This a feature called Hand off. Have a read here When your Mac computers and iOS ...


I recommend a VM with the OS and the browsers of your choice. Using the snapshot/clone features you may always revert to the original vanilla state. Three of the advantages: Use an arbitrary OS/browser combination (a lot of malicious websites often attack special combinations e.g. Windows XP/7/IE or OS/Flash) You may detect any impact on the file system ...

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