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I have been experimenting with the dictation app a lot recently since some RSI issues. Had issue with user created commands at first. Not sure if you got yours working yet but we'll add my scenario and fix for general FYI: multiple choices of the same app in the app List : for example Google Chrome showed up twice. When I created a user command and chose ...


this is not unique to MacVim. I have seen it in LibreOffice for Mac, and Notepad running in VMWare.


While I did have Sound> Input set to internal or webcam mic and neither worked, it seems the Internal Microphone was not selected on the Dictation & Speech> Diction tab. It got switched to Aggregate Group which I was playing with a few months ago (trying to generate multiple simultaneous outputs). So yeah just needed that Mic selected on LHS of Diction ...


Close dictation by clicking the 'done' button, not by pressing the Fn key again, unless you have given the process chance to finish typing what you said. Each time you pause, you ought to see the text so far, but pressing function will just close the window without any further return from the online process. Conversely if you click the Done button it will ...


Turn off Dictation in System Preferences or change shortcut key to something else.

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