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You need to contact the Sales department for VMWare, and come to an agreement with them. Last year, I had bought Parallels a few weeks before a new version release, but (without my prompting) they simply tossed me an e-mail with authorization to install the newer version. In general, a Sales department is sensitive to avoiding the impression that they're ...


It's a limitation set in the esxi local.sh corefile. There is an unlocker available to permit OS X on non-Apple hardware, but it will break the EULA licence terms.


Edit the .vmx file within your VM image. For example, if your VM is named "Ubuntu", edit Ubuntu.vmwarevm/Ubuntu.vmx (to get into the .vmwarevm in Finder, select Show Package Contents). Within the .vmx file, add the following line: vhv.enable = "TRUE" Restart the VM and you could use KVM.


It runs parallels absolutely fine, I use it to run autodesk design review on external monitor whilst having Mac running excel on macbook screen, no issues and very pleased that it can do it as well as my 16Gb Ram quad core MBPro.


Already asked at superuser (Credits to the OP). I post the answer here again - slightly modified: There is no version of VMware Player for OS X. Instead, VMware sells a Mac version of their product called VMware Fusion. You may use it as trial version 30 days for free If you don't want to purchase VMware Fusion, you can: Use Boot Camp to some other OS. ...

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