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OS X Tiger can be installed in VMWare Fusion by creating a FreeBSD virtual machine. I am yet to find a way to install the FreeBSD version of VMWare Tools but its something I am working on. For the moment you can do basic stuff like surfing the web. So its a case of creating a FreeBSD virtual machine and adjusting the settings prior to installing Tiger.


I use VMWare Fusion Professional for software testing. Virtual machines make regression testing and replay of problems wonderfully easy. I run a copy of VMWare Fusion on my older Mac Pro and it performs well. The professional edition allows for linked virtual machines – linked machines can share common content to save on disk space. Machines can quickly ...


It is possible to run mutliple Virtual Machines on a Mac - i7 Macs with geq 16GB of RAM should be okey. If your Application does not need to much resources. I think there are better Solutions - for Example a Beta Version ... I don't know what Application you would like to test, and how large the usernumber is. Also interesting is: you can run on a VMware a ...


Go into the VM’s settings (⌘+E), and enter Keyboard & Mouse. You will see various profiles. Select one to use (or leave the one that’s already selected), press the small cog at the bottom of the window, and pick Edit Profile…. Go into the Key Mappings tab where you’ll be able to map keys into other keys. While this won’t correct the keyboard layout on ...

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