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Try rebooting your Mac. Had exactly the same problem today including Vmware Fusion not starting. Reboot fixed both on my side. I'm assuming that there was an Apple update that required a reboot to finalise or something similar.


If you can't even mount the .DMG file it is unlikely to have anything to do with VMWare or the software they put in the DMG file. Usually errors when mounting a DMG file occur due to a damaged download. Though it is possible the file they placed on their servers is corrupted at the source. Try downloading with a different browser or even use WGET in the ...


This option is valid for vCenter, not sure about Workstation. You might have a machine that boots very fast and are unable to hit keys in time. Click on VM and select tab Summary and then under VM Hardware -> Edit Settings: VM Options: Boot Options: Boot Delay Enter 5000 as milliseconds ( 5 seconds ). Restore settings when done to avoid unnecessary boot ...


my solution was to disable the 'Use full resolution for Retina display" Virtual Machine Settings Display Use full resolution for Retina Display (un-check)

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