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I have a 2006 Mac Pro 16 gig of ram 2 5355 quad core Intel processors 10.5 terabytes of storage and running yosamite using refit running Snow Leopard,lion,Mavericks,Windows XP, windows 7 ,Windows Vista ,and windows xp media media machine runs like new without SSD all these upgrades for very cheap and well worth it i use this machine to run Pro Tools 11 it ...


Select the folder in Finder and open Get Info (⌘I). Click the padlock in the bottom-right corner of the Get Info window and authenticate. Set up the permissions, then click the gear and select Apply to enclosed items….


The high level, brief answer is that you should run the beta software on bare metal. I'm not aware of any virtualization package that supports El Capitan yet. I don't think virtual box has the best support of any OS X as a guest operating system when running on Mac hardware, so I would recommend VMware if you must virtualize.

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