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As far as I know, the new MacBooks as of today have only begun shipping from online orders, so I won't be able to speak from personal experience - but I would be very wary about the MacBook being able to handle intensive tasks like Parallels, especially in tandem with Visual Studio or Eclipse. Parallels' recommended hardware specs for running Windows 7 ...


The machine is slower than a MacBook Air, but definitely capable of running VMs (I remember running VMs on the first generation Intel MacBook - which was never an issue). Try monitoring CPU usage on your Air to get an idea of how much load you put on your system. If it's frequently on the edge you probably won't be happy with the 12" MacBook. If it's in ...


Yes, you can. In Xcode, you can set archive for iOS Device even if you haven't got an iOS Device (this is instead of "Simulator") and upload this binary to iTunes Connect perfectly fine.


Have you tried iGlasses? It's not free but I think there is a demo.


I don't think so - even in Coherence mode, which would allow you to place different Windows apps on different spaces, they have a tendency to overlap each other, depending on which was actually last in front. I think you might have to try using Sysinternals (Microsoft) own Desktops v2 tool - which I haven't tested in Parallels - but this guide may help - ...


There has been an update to OVFTOOL around since March 2015 (Now V4.1.0.). With this OSX version I have much fewer trouble to get OVFTool to work. Even a OSX VM transfer from Fusion to ESXi is now just a one line like: /Applications/VMware\ OVF\ Tool/ovftool --compress=9 ./OS_X_10.vmx vi://root@ESX6i Finally it is working like expected, when the old ...


If you haven't downloaded it before, you can purchase OS X Lion (10.7) for $19.99 (USD) and use the redeem code to download it. It can be installed in VMware Fusion, Parallels or VirtualBox.


Lion works fine as virtual machine - as well as all Mac OS X' since Snow Leopard* - in all of the mentioned apps. VMware/Parallels usually offer a better system integration and better performance though - with the downside that they aren't available for free. To get the OS X Lion installer, check your purchases in your App Store account. If you have ...

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