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you have to update your parallels tools, to do so as i remember you have to select Window install parallels tools, then follow the on screen instructions


You'll have to manually edit VMware's network preferences and add static hosts to get this working. The file necessary can be found at /Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/vmnet8/dhcpd.conf. The file is read-only so chmod it writeable first. For each static host you'll have to add the following and change the hostname, MAC address and IP to your VMs: ...


You're probably better off running in BootCamp. This will give you near native performance and allow you to run the game without a lot of the overhead a virtual machine will give be giving you.


Tuning performance on one system stacked that deeply with layers of software is tricky - you will need to observe and measure: The game performing against Windows 7 so that you could see if Windows needs settings changes to run the game more effectively. The Windows OS running against the VirtualBox environment and seeing if VB settings can make windows ...

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