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From Parallels Knowledge Base the following indicates an internet connection is required for this to work. No idea why that would be a requirement. Network problems in the virtual machine Article ID: 8978 Created On: Sep 14, 2010 Last Review: Nov 24, 2015 Views: APPLIES TO: Parallels Desktop for Mac Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition ...


VMware Workstation 12 on Windows 10. The steps does work. It will boot into a window that let u reinstall the OS, disk utilities, and two other options (I can' remember). Then above you will see "Window" click it and you will see a drop down that allow access to terminal. then type: csrutil disable Restart the VM.


The simplest way is to launch Activity Monitor - in Applications/Utilities Then hit Cmd ⌘ 3 which will open the CPU History. Then you just count the stripes ;-) It counts virtual cores, so includes HT [Hyper-threading] cores.

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