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If you have some process inside the VirtualBox virtual machine that accesses shared folders frequently (perhaps polling some file for changes), that could degrade performance considerably due to the VirtualBox shared folder implementation. The Vagrant documentation says: "In some cases the default shared folder implementations (such as VirtualBox shared ...


There is a major difference in using IIS Express and the 'regular' IIS. The latter as installed by default in Windows. In short, IIS Express runs sandboxed on its host environment. This means by default it cannot be accessed outside. Luckily, you're not the only one asking this as it has been adressed on StackOverflow several times. In my opinion, with this ...


You can't run .ova files from Terminal as they are not a binary file, hence the error. ova files are for VirtualBox, so you need VirtualBox to be able to open the file. Download VirtualBox from virtualbox.org.

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