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I just added a 6TB drive. I doubt I will ever need to go bigger than that.


Take a look at AutoDMG. You can use a base OS X installer and add updates and packages to it. This would be a never booted machine that mimics fresh out of the box, with custom settings.


I would suggest the Profile Management option that is included in OS X Server. It has all of the described above features and it is really easy to operate with. Take a look at https://www.apple.com/ca/osx/server/ it's $22.99 CAD.


Om my PPC PowerMac G3 I did have one installed the copy from my friend however the machine had a kernel issue due to trying to install a modified OS X Leopard and I had to restore the disk. Although I cannot remember the name I can assure you there is one and this one worked with XP which surprised me considering that XP is Intel and above XXDD.


Did you make sure you've stopped the virtual machine before you ran the command VBoxManage modifyvm osx --cpuidset 1 000206a7 02100800 1fbae3bf bfebfbff? I wrote an detailed guide for virtualized Yosemite some time ago and ran into the same issue which I could fix with said command.


Though your Parallels tech support service has expired, they do have Parallels Desktop for Mac forums, where you can ask for help, and find previous answers. In particular, I found a relevant answer for you by eiraf-kr in the Parallels Forums. A user's "Home" folder is a common feature of Unix-y OSes, such as Unix, BSD, Linux, and OSX (since it's built ...


I am still running a core 2 duo 3.5ghz desktop iMac (late 2009)...running windows 8 and ubuntu in parallels VM.....both windows and ubuntu run OK...cpu mark for my machine is 2.049....for the new macbook its 3.096.


CoolROM has a list of Macintosh / Mac OS X Emulators: MacMAME - Arcade Stella - Atari 2600 Jum52 - Atari 5200 Atari800MacX - Atari 5200 SDLMESS - Atari 7800 Virtual Jaguar - Atari Jaguar Handy - Atari Lynx Frodo - Commodore 64 Boycott Advance - Gameboy Advance Visual Boy Advance - Gameboy Advance / Color KiGB - Gameboy Advance / Color OpenEmu - Multiple ...


After a test install of Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS in VMware 7.1.1/Mac OS X 10.9.5, then using the following (shortened) guide to download the latest VMware Tools and applying the patches, copy & paste with keyboard shortcuts from the Linux guest (ctrl+c/v) to the Mac host (cmd+c/v) and the opposite direction just works. 1. Checkout the repository: $ git ...


Look under the settings for that particular VM, not the "App Preferences." Each specific VM has it's own settings, and there are granular controls for Host <--> Guest sharing. I only have Parallels, or I would post screenshots, but it is quite similar, from what I remember of previous VMWare Fusion versions that I used at my old job. In the "Launch" ...

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