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According to this website, the VTDecoderXPCService is called to sandbox applications that might play quicktime or other video content. You could try quitting your applications one by one and seeing which ones are calling that process. For me, it's ...


Snapchat does. you can only make 10 second videos but its still plays in the background your voice and whatever you're playing from your phone


I need to preface this by saying having not worked with .ts files I do not know whether or not they can be simply concatenated using cat and as you saw because the are numerically named they get mixed up when using cat *.ts > masi.ts because it sorts lexicographically, so using a ordered list is in order. With that in mind, here is what I did to create a ...


It's always a bit tricky to download anything on iOS devices.. When I want to download a youtube video I open the YouTube video in my browser and add "dlv" in front of youtube so that it reads and there download it.. Then I transfer it over to the device with iTunes.

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