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Turn off the iPad (shut down) and then turn it on again. It worked for me.


Here is my configuration: 15" 2014 Macbook Pro Retina Apple 27" Thunderbolt display ASUS PB287Q (4k 28" ASUS monitor) Am only able to get full 4K resolution (3840x2160) by using the HDMI connection directly out of the MBP. Tried Thunderbolt/mini displayport to HDMI adapter and was only able to get 1080p on the ASUS while getting full resolution on the ...


You are unlikely to be able use the VGA input to go above 1080p But just to make sure follow this answer how to view more Resolutions to try with. MacBook Pro with Retina display (Late 2012) not outputting anything above 1080p Select the monitor in System Preferences: System Preferences -> Displays -> Monitor(not Built-in Display) -> Display Tab -> ...


I haven't had any issues using third party adapters but it looks like your adapter isn't compatible. You can buy the official apple one on apples website.


The macbook will not go to sleep if an external monitor is connected. What you can do is put your mac in sleep with the following combination: Cmd - option/alt - eject (on newer macs) Cmd - option/alt - power button (on older macs)


I'm afraid that's the appropriate behaviour, and it's called Closed Clamshell or Closed Display mode. Using the Option+Command+Eject shortcut will put the computer to sleep. On the other hand, unplugging the Power Adapter from the MacBook and then closing the lid, will do the trick, too.

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