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The fastest way to solve your problem is probably adjusting the path of your user directory in the yourusername.plist (assuming following current path of your user folder: "/VolumeNameContainingYourUserFolder/Users/yourusername"): Boot to Recovery Mode. Open Terminal.app in the menubar (Utilities -> Terminal) Enter df to get the paths/names of your main ...


One more method: # chown someuser command # chmod u+s command $ ./command Thanks to wysota at : http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/4730-Linux-Bash-Run-a-command-as-another-user (Spent a lot of time hunting for something that works in my particular situation, figured I'd spread the wealth)


Apple (modified a bit) helps: This guide should/will work if your old user was the only account and the newly created user has the User ID 501. Log out of your newly created account (user2), then log in to an admin account. The admin account needs to be a different account than the one newly created. If necessary, create another admin account (user3). Go ...

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