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Do we know if the Workgroup Manager features are now built in to the new Server app? For example when you create a new account in WGM Mavericks it automatically assigns a user ID 1000... rather than 500.. so it doesn't conflict with the local OSX account.


Sorry but things do not look good for Workgroup Manager. From http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1822: Note: Workgroup Manager and previous versions of Server app are not compatible with Yosemite.


I have launched Disk Utility once restarted my computer and then did Repair permissions and it worked.


Make sure that all the permissions are correct on your home folder. You can use the ACL tool on the Recovery HD to do this: Boot into the Recovery HD using ⌘R. Run resetpassword in Terminal (available from Utilities → Terminal). Select your account from the drop-down list. Click the Reset button for Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs.


You can set it with defaults write: defaults write com.apple.Safari CustomUserAgent "\"useragentstring\""


You aren't carrying forward your shell environment into the su adm session. so if you echo $PATH in the usracc account and the adm account, you'll find that they aren't equal (which is why adm can't find the updatedb command). All you need to do is tell su that you want to carry forward your env (su -m adm should do it) or just add the path to updatedb. ...


If it's the group ownerships, from the command line you could do: chown -R yourusername:staff /Path/To/SharedFolder for each of the shares, if the other non-admin users you mentioned are in the staff group. Otherwise, replace staff with the correct group. It's possible you may not want all the directories underneath the shared directory shared, so you'd ...

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