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There should not be a link like that. If you truly have a hard link, that's something that's a bit self-referential, snake eating it's own tail recursion, so I'd make sure you have a backup if you're not sure you're deleting the correct link. From your listing - the link count is 1 so it's probably a sym link and not even a hard link - which means it's ...


Turns out I was lucky. Booting into Single User Mode (for obtaining administrator privileges as described here) apparently caused some extra disk check. This presumably led to the restoration of some corrupted piece of (meta)data and in effect my account A, including its previous administrator privileges. Looks as if the system is back to normal now: much ...


A more convenient solution than logging into another user could be the Shades preferences pane which allows you to dim the screen to a degree where it's not noticable that it's on. Combined with muting the audio after remotely connecting this allows you to login to an already logged on user without concern to others. However the security and privcacy ...


There is a tool called "Screens" which sports a curtain mode, blocking the locally attached screen from showing anything you're doing remotely. It may require specifically their software to run to access the machine remotely, but does seem to address your issue.

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