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Yes it is possible, but consider the consumption and Costs. How much electricity does it take to power your iPhone for a year? The answer: 1 kWh. This is the amount of electricity you’d need to power ten 100-watt incandescent light-bulbs for an hour. Far from anything worth being sheepish over, 1 kwh costs about 12 cents. To be specific, your iPhone ...


I have the same problem, which I'm pretty sure is due to a combination of the way write operations work on flash memory and the way core storage (or any whole-volume) encryption works. First, write behavior: unlike volatile memory (the stuff used in the memory of your computer) or hard disks, where any bit can be written to 0 or 1 at any time, flash memory ...


Engadget has a great tutorial on how to create a custom iPod docking station, along with system configurations, etc. Hope this helps: How-To: iPod docking station/configuration

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