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Use a mix of the action ID (the name won't work, but every action has its own ID) and the url action. It will look like this: launchpro://?url=[action:170] To find the ID, edit an action and scroll to the bottom, you'll find the action there by the edge of the screen.


This is the so called "rootless" mode in the new version of OS X. It effectively makes certain system directories read-only (even for admins). "/usr" is one of those protected directories (the only subdirectory that is excluded from this rule is "/usr/local") One can disable this rootless mode with the following commands: $ sudo nvram ...


As far as I can tell from reading the documentation this setting for UNC paths in Directory Utility only works for using a UNC path from Active Directory to mount your network home directory. It doesn't provide general UNC support. :-(

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