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Whatever opens MAILTO:// links is set from within the itself Go to Mail > Preferences > General and the top pop-up menu lets you set any installed application that the OS recognizes as being able to respond to those links as the default email application. There used to be hacks that let a web browser with a webmail client open respond to mailto ...


For MacOS the quickest way is to edit hosts file: sudo nano /etc/hosts add the following line to the end of the file:


In my version of El Capitan the /bin directory did not exist : /usr/local/bin So, the fix was : mkdir -p /usr/local/bin The -p flag will create the dir (and incidentally any dirs in the full path) if it does not exist. Then you can create symlinks & copy apps to /usr/local/bin because /usr/local not part of the "rootless" mode.

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