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Do you have an app called Launcher? Launcher with Notification Center Widgets by Cromulent Labs You can create a custom URL Scheme and add it to your Today Widget Paste the below into the URL textbox and give it a name. Cellular/Mobile Data: prefs:root=MOBILE_DATA_SETTINGS_ID This gets you to the "Mobile Data" ...


This is a known issue with Google Chrome. See:Chrome doesn't recognise .url files properly The workaround it to use an Extension such as .URL Handler Once installed you need to go to Chrome > Preferences... > Extensions (chrome://extensions/) and check the [✔] Allow access to file URLs check box.


OK did some digging around. It turns out that Google Chrome's security model normally doesn't allow clicking on .url files to open them. There is a Chrome extension that will allow this though so the solution is easy for OSX users.

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