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Hold down your finger in the address bar to get the little magnifier to show up, finally drag your finger to the right or left to get to the part of the url that you want to edit.


Not sure how you can do it in iOS, I can't find the equivalent command, but you can do it on the Google Maps web site in a browser then copy/paste the info to Apple Maps… go to Google maps in a browser search your desired location once that's found, right click the pin & select "What's here?" The latitude/longitude will then be shown in the info ...


This is a little indirect however based on your example, right-click in the frame and select Open Frame in New Tab, then select the new Tab and copy the URL from the Address bar.


Generally: Use either the right-click as you stated or you can use Safari's WebInspector from the Developer menu (needs to be turne don in settings -> advanced first) to view a pages source-code and copy out pretty much anything you like. In your Case: The page you provided doesn't use any iframes.

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