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I believe the setting you are looking for is Settings > Touch ID and Passcode > Require Passcode. It should be noted that using a Microsoft Exchange account in email can effect the options available here. For example the only option on my phone is "immediately". this thread is how i finally learned why I only have the option "immediately".


I think what you mean can be found under settings> general. There's a function called, I think, Automatic Lock. You can automatically lock your iphone after: 1 minute 2 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes 5 minutes Never


Open the Settings App and navigate to General –> Passcode Lock. To set the passcode lock delay, locate the button where you see Require Passcode. By default you will see “Immediately” next to Require Passcode. This means that as soon as your device locks, your passcode will be enabled. If you want to delay this, tap on the button and select After 1 minute, ...


Apple keep your iPhone information in their server. Basic this information can identify by Serial Number or IMEI number. But Serial number and IMEI number will change if phone replaced by repair. About iPhone information, Apple record this on database with active carrier (when you make purchase), and current carrier (carrier you are using on your phone) and ...


All you need is that it is not locked to that given service provider, then it will work in India for sure but if you want cellular data then I advise you to ask apple for the bands of network and the frequencies that that given iPad piece can read.


afaik if the phone is network locked you'd need to be on the original carrier network to unlock it (then connect on itunes to complete etc) and whatever code is required (if any) must be applied with the original SIM.

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