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You can run the shell script below. The bash version of the script below will also serve the same purpose. #!/usr/bin/env bash # Usage: sudo sh ./ remove() { entry="$1" echo -ne "Removing \e[1;34m$entry\e[0m... " sudo rm -rf "$entry" &> /tmp/uninstall-vmware.log if [[ ! -e "$entry" ]]; then echo -e "\e[1;32mOK\e[0m" ...


I'm not sure how to completely disable the process but I've set up Little Snitch to disallow incoming / outgoing processes associated with the Game Center. It's a useful little program.


If you want to remove Java 6... From How to properly uninstall Java 6 on OSX?, do the following: Remove the "system" JVM installed and maintained by Software Update % sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk Remove any Java Developer Previews % sudo rm -rf /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0*.jdk Do NOT remove any ...


OS X is a bit different. After putting the application itself in the trash, you should probably use safari preferences to remove the extension. Once you do that you do that, you might want to log out and back in. Then empty the trash. Alternatively you can look in the library folders - use finder go menu and choose "Go to Folder" and look in both below ...


Just download app again from this link, open the installer file, then select uninstall from there :)


Delete the Xcode app from /Applications, then delete ~/Library/Developer/Xcode. You can then install the command line tools separately, by downloading them from Apple's Developer Downloads page (you'll need to log in with your Apple ID). The proper package is listed as "Command Line Tools (OS X version) for Xcode version". Obviously grab the one that ...

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