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It doesn't seem like it is possible. The closest I have seen is to use 'shake to undo' which will then select your entire last phrase/sentence. It's then possible to adjust that selection & delete as required. Not what you wanted, I'm aware.


As with the iPhone, if you shake the iPad vigorously, you get offered the choice of: Undo Cancel For me, this doesn't feel at all natural on the iPad, and I imagine that's why some iPad applications (e.g. Textastic) provide their own Undo/Redo buttons. Edit Thanks to @Lizzan for also pointing out in the comments: There's also an Undo button in the ...


The global undo guesture is to shake the device.


As of iOS 5, there is no way in stock iOS to adjust the shake gesture sensitivity.


In settings use accessibility to turn on assistive touch. That gives you a virtual home button which includes many things including shake. Touch the virtual home button, touch device. One of the options under device is shake.


No, there is no history of notes. Once modified and synchronised, the note is overwritten and older versions are not available. Per my answer on your last question, you may be able to obtain older versions if a device has been offline, but besides this, unfortunately not. You can provide feedback to Apple at


Whew! Found it! It was an errant hotkey in Synergy. Had to go through every running app one by one and look for hot key settings.

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