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This one works well for me: toggle-osx-shadows. It is easy to compile and use, and there are only 17 lines of code.


Why do you have to? Tradition, mostly. Once upon a time, restricting NFS to privileged ports (<1023) was considered a security measure. Back when people were using mainframe computers, this made sure that the NFS software on the client side was part of the OS/approved by the administrator, since a program can only use a privileged port if it's run by the ...


If a website is serving some content over HTTPS and some over HTTP then you shouldn't trust it. It's that simple. It doesn't matter what certificate it is using for the secure parts. If part of the content is being loaded over an insecure connection then you don't know if it has been interfered with, and you don't know if it is interfering with the securely ...


It's Control Center by Cindori


All three of your VMs are stored on your NAS, correct? I am not surprised that they are all slow. You are streaming tons of data over a network and expecting it to work as if it were being used locally. Virtual machines perform a lot of disk IO. Using network storage for VHD files and other resources that are used by your VMs is not really a great idea if ...

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