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The original value of blue is used when AppleHighlightColor doesn't exist, therefore you can reset it deleting AppleHighlightColor: defaults delete -g AppleHighlightColor You can change the AppleHighlightColor with a GUI through System Preferences → General → Highlight Color. Setting the highlight colour to Green through System Preferences: ~ ❯ ...


Why does nobody mention the excellent diagramming app - ConceptDraw? If you're familiar with Microsoft Visio, this one is absolutely your choice. The only one problem is that it's more expensive than what you expect. Hope you can have a trial and consider my recommendation.


Depends on whether you want to stick with shell, or use applescript. This applescript script gives you a popup for password: do shell script "defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.alf globalstate -int SomeInteger" with administrator privileges tell application "System Events" to if (first application process whose name is "System Preferences") ...

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