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I tracked this down at long last. See here for a workaround:


Bear in mind that the visibility of Network Activity Indicator is managed by the App's Developer and not the System detecting a connection. That being said, there are numerous reasons for this behaviours you're experiencing. Perhaps the Apps were coded to react differently to different actions, or they wrongly hide the Network Activity Indicator despite ...


On the desktop, press Command+J or select Show View Options from the View menu to bring up the view options. From there, select "Show Icon Preview."


You can try Edraw Flowchart for Mac. It's an all-purpose diagram software with all flowcharting shapes. I suggest it to you because I found it one of the greatest diagramming tools after I tried some. It has a simple and elegant interface that you will feel comfortable to work on. It also includes templates that you can choose from. If you are a student, you ...


killall Finder # what should work killall SystemUIServer # what to run in addition if it does not If any of the three do not restart (finder sometimes does not automatically reboot in my experience), then run these commands after the initial set: open -a Finder open -a SystemUIServer This set of commands (specifically killall Finder) is almost ...

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