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OK, it's kind of embarrasing, in a way, when you figure out the answer to your own question, but, here it is: You just go to the Security and Privacy pane, click on the Privacy tab, and then add the apps where you want to allow GUI scripting. Just that simple....


There is not. Individual applications are now given access to the Accessibility features, there is no global control. As you can see there is a + icon to allow you to add an application. You can also have your script add itself. Another method:


A late answer, for posterity and the desperate searcher. The GUI has been moved more or less to Directory Utility, which can be found in /Volumes/[name of your harddrive]/System/Library/CoreServices/Applications. Use -shift-G if you are lost to find your way. Open Directory Utility and click on the Directory Editor (third) icon. Select "Mounts" from the ...


Note that in Time Machine preferences a progress-bar will only shown when automatic backup runs, not when backup is started manually.

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