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I would recommend karabiner to you. It's a powerful system plugin to remap keys and key combinations. You can map whatever key combos you want to whatever in your mind. Please check it out and you will fall in love with it


HOW TO GO TO THE END OF YOUR DOCUMENT FAST WITHOUT SCROLLING THE SCREEN ON YOUR iPAD WITH YOUR FINGERS TEDIOUSLY When you want to stop typing press two spacing to put in the period or full-stop sign (.), automatically。Then press two or more spacing again and type in another period or full-stop sign (.). You may also use other punctuation marks as you prefer. ...


I've run into that too and ended up using an app called NerdTool to create semi-permanent bars behind my logos (also helped with the icons that I had changed that were partially transparent and completely disappeared against dark backgrounds. In this case, I took a frame (ie I googled 3D frame and downloaded an image that looked like it might look ok). I ...

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