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In most applications pressing commandP brings up the printer dialog sheet, which uses standard tab and or arrow key navigation. The printer dialog sheet has two views. Show Details view, which means the Hide Details button is visible. Hide Details view, which means the Show Details button is visible. When it opens in the Show Details view, having the ...


Add a new shortcut to System Prefences > Keyboard > Shortcut > App Shortcuts. Choose an existing printer name (in my example Lexa - a Lexmark printer, a Kyocera is my default printer) and enter a shortcut: To print with this (obviously non-default) printer enter cmdP and altcmdP: To print with your default printer just use the common cmdP.


I use odrive. It's a great sync manager that supports a lot of cloud storage providers, like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, Amazon S3, FTP, etc. You can see the list of providers on the homepage. They offer sync clients for Mac and PC, which both support "unsyncing", where you can choose to just keep files in the cloud. It works really great and it's ...


The one I use is called ExpanDrive. It's expensive at about $50, but in addition to FTP, it also supports Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many others.


I haven't tried it yet, but the folks behind CyberDuck have released Mountain Duck, it allows you to view remote resources as volumes on the desktop (i.e. integrates Azure, SFTP, S3, etc. with the Finder).


For my money, the gold standard file transfer program would be Transmit by Panic. Longstanding Mac developers, continued support and improvement of the product, good value for the price if you work with files professionally or have time constraints on your work.


Cyberduck works just fine with many providers


This is an old question, but I just face the same problem without finding any quick solution. CUPS documentation indicates that the use of ServerName "does not work on OS X 10.7 or later because sandboxed applications do not always have direct network access." :'( One possible workaround is to use the terminal and send the jobs to the server using the lp/...


I tracked this down at long last. See here for a workaround:

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