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As far as I know, it is not possible to change the color of the system font. The system graphic interface files are under the license protection of Apple's user agreement and they are well guarded with encryptions. This also results at the lace of capacity of turning off full screen animation and other unfortunate unique OSX graphic interface design and ...


I found this article: https://foliovision.com/2014/01/os-x-scheduling-tools Lingon looked very slick.


There's only one theme that I know of for Yosemite that changes the traffic lights: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Yosemite-Theme-Clearify-477715451 Be careful when replacing system files like these, always backup your system and keep copies of the original files somewhere safe!


This doesn't do exactly what you want, but it might make the colors more bearable. Try this: Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and play around with Invert Colors and Enhance Contrast options. If you want to achieve the effect of making your desktop font black, you can try turning on the Invert Colors and Use Gray Scale options. . ...

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