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I filled a bug report to Apple to solve this buffer corruption problem, made here. The only workaround is to log out of the Mac and then log back in. That typically clears the graphics frame buffers. If not, a reboot will recover from the failure, but not prevent it from happening again.


Here my second bug report to Apple


The orange represent accent characters to add to the next inputed letter. It is functionally equivalent to accessing OSX’s accent menu - holding down a key and seeing: For example. So, alternatively, you can type optionu followed byu to add a diaresis to the letter ü


It means that those symbols overlay themselves onto whatever letter you next. For example, Optionu followed by u would type ü, rather than ¨u.


Those keys in orange are so-called dead keys. It's a key that does not necessarily generate a complete character by itself but may modify the character generated by the key struck immediately after. The usage of those dead keys in a text editor or in the Terminal is usually indicated by a yellowish background. You may then enter the main character you want ...

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