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I found the WWDC video that's going that direction : Designing Intuitive User Experiences (Apple iOS developer membership required).


option and the up arrow. If you are using outlook on a mac, this is the fastest way to get to the top. I hope that helps because I had the same problem.


While I have accepted @markhunte's question because it works in the general case, it did not work for me. That is why I post my own solution as an alternative. Create a shellscript that launches the applescript By having the launchagent run a shellscript that simply calls to the applescript (.scpt) the shellscript needs to be allowed access to assistive ...


A simple fix is to save the script as a text file instead. At the top of the script add the osascript shebang #!/usr/bin/osascript example: #!/usr/bin/osascript say "hello" tell application "Safari" to activate tell application "System Events" delay 2 keystroke "p" using command down tell application process "Safari" tell ...

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