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The answer in my case was No, there was no other option but to change the main logic board. To my extreme fortune, Norwegian law requires five years of warranty on all electronics such as laptops and phones, so it was done for free. The repair shop even told me I was eliglible for a new screen so they threw in that as well.


There are only a few components in an iMac that can make clicking noises. It's highly unlikely that it's your logic board or a component of your logic board, but the possibilities are: Power Supply Hard Drive Speakers CPU Fan I've included a sample picture and the location of the components in the picture below Power Supply There are a number of ...


The same happened to me after disconnecting my MacBook Pro Retina (late 2013) and then exhausting the battery on a Netflix marathon. I left my MacBook unplugged for several days and then it began charging again.

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