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I have found in later (2013) vintage Macbook Air's that the headphone jack no longer works as a line-in. I ended up buying a cheap USB minijack adapter for this. Although it's a touch temperamental, it does do the trick for recording audio in.


System Preferences → Sound → Samsung HDMI is the solution.


For the past two weeks my MacBook Pro running Yosemite 10.10.2 was afflicted by "slow syndrome". Everything was slow: logins took up to a full minute, typing would be periodically interrupted by the spinning pizza, etc. Ouch. FIXES THAT (FRUSTATINGLY) DIDN'T WORK Permissions repair, safe mode boot, disconnecting from the internet, logging into a ...


Uncheck the 'visual bell' box in the preferences for your terminal style. Terminals->Preferences->Profiles->Advanced: Bell: Audible bell Visual bell <>


Here's a slight update to @Ace's script, that runs until you kill it and only prints the app name when it changes: #!/usr/bin/python try: from AppKit import NSWorkspace except ImportError: print "Can't import AppKit -- maybe you're running python ...

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