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I've been having the same problem for a few weeks, trying every suggestion listed here and other forums but without success.... until tonight! TL;DR: Run these 2 commands then reboot. mv ${TMPDIR}/com.apple.IconServices{,-bad} mv ${TMPDIR}/../C/com.apple.IconServices{,-bad} Long Version: The problem did not happen when I tried a newly created user ...


Open System Information and check the USB bus to see if the drive is recognized on the connection level. If not, you need a new cable or a new drive or a USB port repaired. Try different ports to get a good USB connection. Then, you need to use Disk Utility to see if the drive has problems. Once you've verified the USB connection is working, then open Disk ...


Some monitors don't have speakers, when plugging into the two I have, there is no option to send audio through to the monitor; on other television monitors the option is there. The OS X sees the monitor and calls it by name, so there must be something in the return signal sent from the monitor that "tells" the OS if it is capable of audio.


Try this article very clearly Explain might help someone with mac issues http://itrepairguide.com/apple-macbook-pro-not-power-on-no-sign-of-life/

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