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I had the exact same problem, turned out to be a Bluetooth mouse connected, lying in a drawer with the mouse button pressed :)


Use a two finger to pinch to zoom in and out, use two fingers to pan around the image or webpage. This is the default setting in System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom. There is no lag.


In Preferences/Accessibility/Trackpad there are additional (pre force touch) trackpad options such as 3 finger drag. I don't use CAD so cannot say if the exact scenario can be addressed, but it is worth a look.


what about the settings ? ,change it from your settings 1- go to settings 2-select trackpad and you will able to customize everything about your trackpad


Try disabling tap to click in the trackpad settings. If you're MacBook has the new vibrating force touch trackpad you could try to disable the force click and haptic feedback. Otherwise it may be a hardware issue.


Since the MacBook Air has a mouse and keyboard connected, something went really wrong with the hardware. You could reset the NVRAM and SMC, but it likely needs hardware diagnostics. You might be lucky if you can connect a USB mouse and see if at least the cursor works. Also, boot holding Command R to enter recovery mode. It's a long shot that the above ...


The graphics are telling you to turn on the Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad associated with the MacBook. Have you ever connected one of these devices to it? If you haven't, I have to wonder if the internal keyboard and trackpad are not connected somehow. What year is this MacBook? Is it still under warranty? Unless you can boot to recovery and reinstall OS ...


Go into the Finder, type command + shift + u and open Script Editor by selecting it and typing command + o. In a new script, type (since you can't highlight to copy) tell application "System Events" click button "Turn Bluetooth Off" of window 1 of application process "System Preferences" end tell and then type command + r to run the script. The ...


Try the F3 button (for Exposé). Maybe you'd like the experience better. Now it is two key presses instead of needing to lift your fingers off the trackpad/ keyboard.


There are ways to center the cursor in either built-in or external display. Apple SE: CatchMouse. So first press a hotkey to switch to the desired display. The cursor is now on that display and app switcher is shown there as well.


Go to system preferences and navigate to accessibility. Disable "Spring-loading delay."


early 2013 macbook pro 15"retina display. Trackpad stopped clicking. High volume compressed air around edges while holding down pad worked after 3 tries. Whew, saved me expense and trip to Apple store.

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