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Your fears are unfounded, although kudos to you for being so conscientious about the unique circumstances of your machine before attempting to upgrade. In any case, consider an iMac or Mac Pro which must have an external mouse, there is no internal pointing device. You'll be fine as far as a USB pointing device goes as long as the mouse you're using did not ...


Open up the terminal and type defaults write -g com.apple.trackpad.scaling x "x" being how much you want your mouse speed increased. "6" worked perfectly for me. Simply log out and log back in and your setting will be changed! Under System Preferences the trackpad speed will now be in the middle of its slow/fast options, and if you change it it will ...


I have the same issue with Yosemite... it is not associated with power off. i.e. it happens when machine has not been powered off. It doesn't happen if machine sleeps. i.e. a sleep test retains the fast settings. But it regularly drops the speed setting.... Keeps all others correct though. Battery fine. OS X up to date. Annoying really. So no help I'm ...


Turn off pinch to zoom in preferences, then turn on again. This has worked for me before. If that doesn't work then doing a reboot will usually fix any and all trackpad issues. Problems after a reboot? Check out the above slightely more extreme ways around the problem..


If this is happening in Preview: when your pointer is on the titlebar/toolbar, using the 2-finger scroll will trigger the page up page down gesture. Make sure your pointer is on the document itself and not the titlebar.


If you've got AppleCare go to your authorised repair facility and ask to have the trackpad height properly checked and adjusted, or you can try it yourself as it's not a difficult job. You'll need to remove the rear cover and the battery (tri-wing screwdriver needed for the two battery screws) to gain access to the trackpad. Once you've done that you will ...


You literally need to restart your computer, that should solve the problem. It did for me :)

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