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If you choose for clicking to be the only option (meaning, deselect the "tap to click" option underneath the secondary click" option), you should be allowed to only click with two fingers for the secondary click. That is one very simple, straight-forward way of solving your issue.


You can definitely do it using bettertouchtool, which allows you to reprogram every imput button.


This answer is still relevant (I will update if needed or stops working). Just confirmed it on a new 2016 MacBook: both three finger drag + tap and drag works.


When ever I'm setting up a guest OS, I find it helpful to do two things. Open up the OS X system preferences and review every setting on every tab of the mouse and trackpad, paying particular attention to multi button and multitouch gestures and shortcuts. If you use a trackpad or touch device, connected multibutton mouse over USB to make sure that those ...


Yes, they can be used interchangeably. The two-finger tap is a shortcut employed by OS X for more convenience / accessibility, however, it has exactly the same function as the control-click.

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