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It could also be the battery swelling and pushing the trackpad button from below. Try taking the battery out to see if that solves it. Best, Teo


This was supposed to be a comment, but it turned out too long. It might be that the trackpad is slightly damaged so that the button is somehow pressed down constantly. I have a black macbook that clicks every time I rest my hands anywhere near the area below the keyboard or around the trackpad. The plastic around that part of the case has kind of caved in ...


BetterTouchTool does not support two finger tap/click actions. There was an experimental version a long time ago but it was implemented in a 'hacky' way and never really worked right. BetterTouchTool does let you set up a TipTap to middle click, so that you can press with a second finger whilst your first is down (sort of like a two finger click but with a ...


Please check out TrackPad++. It's free with an option to donate. I've used this in the past, when I had bootcamp with Windows 7 - you can set gestures like you can in Mac OS X.


I arrived at this page because I also perceived a subtle change in the trackpad scrolling mechanics after upgrading to Mavericks. It does indeed feel that medium-speed scrolling is slowed down a bit from before (10.7 in my case). I don't have a machine running the older OS to test this on, though. Anyway, I turned up the scrolling speed to max in System ...


You can disable your trackpad when an external mouse/trackpad is present http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3608?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US For whatever reason you'd wish to disable your trackpad, even if no other device is attached: http://superuser.com/questions/606338/unix-terminal-how-to-disable-trackpad


That looks like you have a Chrome plug-in that is a web site reader. On your screen shot one can see the "250wpm" (words per minute)in bottom right corner, that would be an indication that you have a reader plug installed. Remove it or fix it.

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