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Yes that is exactly one of the reasons it's great to have a Time Machine backup. With the new Mac, if you want to restore the data from the Time Machine backup, ensure it is connected to the new Mac. Then power on the new Mac and follow the setup instructions. When you get to the question asking if you want to migrate data you would choose the option to do ...


Just to clarify, the term Router is incorrect here (mostly because it is used incorrectly by manufacturers who sell products in the retail market). A router is neither compatible nor incompatible with Time Machine. A router routes network traffic (packets) from one network to another. What these "routers" actually are is an amalgamation of a network ...


The Eero router is a good solution; not only does it create a mesh network (meaning it's easier to access the internet and upload files to your Time Capsule from remote corners of a house) but it also is significantly faster. I have had great success with eero + Time Capsule for months. Eero's website Eero on Amazon


I personally use a Synology RT1900ac which most definitely supports using an external hard drive for Time Machine quite easily. You connect your external storage of choice to either its single USB-3 port or an SDXC card into its Card Reader. This review goes into a little detail of how that works if you'...


If you want to watch which files are being transfered in realtime you can monitor the time machine daemon with sudo fs_usage -f -R filesys backupd If you see abnoramly large file transfer you might see disk images from virtual machines in the list

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