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There is a C function 'CSBackupSetItemExcluded' you can use to tell Time Machine to exclude a file. You can find it documented here... https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/MacOSX/Reference/Backup/#//apple_ref/c/func/CSBackupSetItemExcluded


Use Migration Assistant! Should work just fine from a TM backup.


Klanomath's procedures are 100% correct if it's a hard drive. I use a tool named Scannerz to evaluate drives and it's extremely conservative. If you find bad blocks their procedures are pretty much exactly what Klanomath described, except it will be quite evident how extensive the damage is during testing. SMART technology only finds bad sectors if a write ...


Plus 1's for everyone as far as I'm concerned. A good question and two good answers. I'd like, however, to emphasize the following quote from Bob O: Steer clear of any tool that tells you it's going to take a bad sector and "repair" it. There's no such thing. That's a dishonest marketing trick that has it's roots back in the 1980's when drives were ...


Assuming OSX 10.8 or later, you could use a combination of find and tmutil tmutil delete <path> will remote the snapshot at <path> while find /path/to/backups/ -maxdepth 1 will list all of your backup snapshots. The last one ( Latest ) is a link to the latest one. You can be a little creative and use find /path/to/backups -name 2\* -maxdepth ...


Just restored my macbook pro late 2011 13" running 10.7 off of nothing more than a time machine backup and it worked fine, even with a blank internal. Remember to format your new drive with disk utility using the mac journaled file system. Make sure your external drive is powered and on before you boot, then press option while booting. Select time ...


According to wikipedia 3 levels of formatting are common: Low-level formatting (i.e., closest to the hardware) marks the surfaces of the disks with markers indicating the start of a recording block (typically today called sector markers) and other information like block CRC to be used later, in normal operations, by the disk controller to read or ...

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