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Use thunderbolt docks hdmi to the monitor. I was able to run 2012 Mac Mini with both Thunderbolt Display and ASUS 27" monitor at 2560x1440 each just fine. So far no problems here.


Belkin Dual View Mini DisplayPort to 2X DVI Adapter Dongle (F2CD060) $60...all you need


You are probably best served by this app here: Download here: Basically "Automatically toggles Bluetooth and Target Display Mode when you connect a Macbook to your iMac via Thunderbolt."


It's doable, one simply must include a TB device between the two monitors. Computer->TB Monitor->TB Device->Non-TB Monitor The TB device can be any dock, drive, etc. that has TB-in and TB-out ports (2 x TB ports). The technical details have to do with the way TB carries and decodes display signals. TB can carry 2 signals. Essentially, each TB device ...


This is a known issue with that era of MacBookPros. You may be eligible for a the MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program: If you are, they will fix it for free even if you are out of warrantee (I had my mid 2012 repaired under this program.) Apple has determined that a small percentage of MacBook Pro systems may exhibit distorted video, no video, or ...


If all of your devices in the Thunderbolt "chain" are still functional including your Cinema display at the end of it all, chances are there is a problem with the connectors that go from the logic board in the Thunderbolt display to the display panel itself. It's a quite common occurrence that when you disassemble this, that the connector comes loose. Look ...


My 2 screens have been doing this more lately as well. I'm still running 10.10.5. I don't think it's one screen or another, though I'm wondering if it's the cables. They are getting over 3+ years old now. I'm going to try a total rebuild this week of my laptop to see if it's a weird driver issue (and update to El Capitan as well)


Please believe me when I say that the Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Dock will not support two monitors if you have an older MacBook Pro. I have a 2011. One Thunderbolt port. It just does not have the capacity to drive two monitors. I have exhausted all options with it. Only one external monitor will work. I did however connect two monitors using the Dell D3100 ...

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