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The feature was lost in the initial release of Pages 5, but was brought back in in iWork 5.2. You can choose the shortcuts F1 through F8, and it appears to be a per-document setting. I suspect the reason it has to be per-document is that the styles themselves are part of the document. You may also be able to apply shortcuts to a template, so that new ...


If you want a plain text version (without seeing all the RTF encoding) open the file, then Format > Make Plain Text (shift-command-T). This is going to change the original in the file system, so if you do not want to lose the .rtf version, make a copy first.


TextEdit > Preferences > Open and Save Check "RTF-files as RTF-code instead of formated text" and reopen the file.


The "sent as text message" means your text message was sent using SMS, not iMessage. Because the message wasn't sent through iMessage, neither you or the person you are texting to have access to read receipts, which allow you to see whether or not the person you sent the text message to read your message. This often happens if you're in an area with bad ...

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