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The application needs to implement Auto Text Expansion and it hasn't been implemented in Chrome yet. You could try this Chrome plugin Auto Text Expander. You'll have to again add the text-expansions though. Mac's Text expansion should work in Safari though. If not already enabled, you can enable by typing the following in terminal. defaults write -g ...


You will need to install the San Francisco font to be user-accessible. (See Can I use or access the San Francisco font that comes with El Capitan?) Once you do this, you will be able to set it as the default font in Chrome.


If the text is at the second half of the document, go to the beginning of the text You want to delete and press ⌘ CMD+⇧ SHIFT+↓ DOWN ARROW and then delete it. If it's in the first half, go to the beginning of the text You do not want to delete and press ⌘ CMD+⇧ SHIFT+↑ UP ARROW and delete it.


In your iPhone: Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding: you should see your Mac. Just uncheck it. In your Mac: Messages > Preferences > Accounts: Just uncheck "Enable this account" or just "Sign out". Be careful that you can attach iPhone and Mac also with an Apple ID different from the iCloud one, so you have to figure out what is the shared ...


From the menu choose View > Zoom In or ⌘shift.

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