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To have the selected text converted to upper case, along with having a space added between each character, add the following line to the script posted by Graham Miln. set myResult to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of (myResult) & " | tr [:lower:] [:upper:]" So in Automator it would be: on run {input, parameters} set myText to input as ...


AppleScript to Expand Text The following AppleScript snippet adds a space between each character of a string. Copy and paste this code in Applications > Utilities > Script Editor to try it out: set myText to "hello world" set myResult to "" repeat with c in every character in myText set myResult to myResult & " " & c end repeat display dialog ...


If it's just in a single app (TextEdit, Mail, Stickies, and so on) you may try to look for a substitution settings: e.g. Edit > Substitutions > Text Replacement


It's probably because the app continues to use the Chinese font for that character, and different fonts will often have slightly different glyphs for such symbols.

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