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If you press and hold on the iMessage it will let you choose Send as Text Message. If you do this enough it will automatically start to send as a text message. Also tell your brother to visit https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage to deregister his iMessage so this doesnt happen with anyone else.


You can do with a simple script: #!/bin/bash directories="/your/path/dir1 /your/path/dir2 /your/path/dir3" for d in $directories do cat $(find $d -name "*.txt") > $(echo $d | sed 's/\///g').txt done This script will concatenate every txt file on /your/path/dir1 and saves it as yourpathdir1.txt in your actual path. Then will do the same with ...


EDIT: As pointed out below, G.W.'s tabs aren't different docs. This whole response thread can probably safely be deleted. Growly Write has those features, and is free! I was also looking for tabbed windows, and just stumbled on it myself. It also has an interesting and mostly convenient feature set.


Go to Format → Font → Copy Style (⌥⌘C) to copy the style of the currently highlighted text, then go to Format → Font → Paste Style (⌥⌘C) to paste the style.     Some apps change the position of this feature, such as iWork, to simply Format → Copy Style.

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