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I have to agree with the comment that it is working as you state you want it to work, at least for me in Chrome 41.0.2272.64 beta on OS X 10.10.2. That said - there are two ways of creating selections in OS X, from a programmer's point of view: anchored and unanchored. (There is also a third that seems to be employed by Apple applications, mentioned in the ...


So, the way I see it, text navigation on OS X works (and is expected to work) like this: Navigate per line (or document, i.e. huge chunks of data): cmd+arrow keys : moves by lines (left/right for lines, up/down for pages). Hold shift to select Navigate per word (i.e. small chunks of data): alt+arrow keys : moves by word (left/right). Hold shift to ...


Mac doesn't use the cursor position if you have a multiple text selection, it considers the cursor is at 'all selected text'. You can see this demonstrated if you use Cmd ⌘ Shift ⇧ ← instead of → Adding to the selection with Shift ⇧ includes the previous selection. Not a fix, but a workaround might be → which would move the cursor to the end ...


If you are using Apple's Bangla keyboard, you can type English by holding down the Option/alt key. If you are using Bangla Qwerty, you can do this by pressing the Caps Lock key.

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