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NoteAway is a free* menu bar oriented notes app that seems ideal for your situation. * with pro in app purchase


You can sort of get around this, though it's clumsy. Open the file in TextWrangler, then also in TextEdit. Use text edit to make a duplicate with any filename. Do your changes in TextWrangler as usual. It won't let you save, so Copy the whole file, and Paste it as a complete replacement of the duplicate you made in TextEdit. Save the duplicate. This is the ...


TextMate is a good editor on its own right, and has been open-sourced with an active development community.


Since Apple got rid of the GUI property list editor, XCode is the best free option if you want to be sure of the result. There are some gotcha's using a generic code editor to edit plist files. Since dictionaries use entries like <key>some key</key> <string>some value</string> <key>another key with boolean value</key> ...

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