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In the end, thanks to posts here, I bought SublimeText and used it for a couple of years, it's great if a bit quirky. I highly recommend it. I've since moved on to Ruby development and am now using Rubymine which is incredible. If you do any Ruby development check it out. Chocolat looked good but missing too many features and very slow development. ...


After using BBedit on the Mac and then Notepad++ on the PC I have now migrated to Sublime Text which I cannot recommend highly enough. This is a genuinely cross platform application (native not java) with a large and active community (Will Bond hosts the excellent Package Control plugin repository) What is especially useful is the license is registered to ...


Brackets supports plugins and is under heavy development, and is open-source. They recently released 1.0.


TextMate 2 is open sourced on github now.


Peppermint I don't know if this will strike as promotional, or not, but guys, I can't help not to talk about our own... brain child, Peppermint. We've launched it around 1-2 weeks ago, and the response so far has been very welcoming - so I thought I should share it here as well. It's not an IDE. But it's not a simple Code Editor either. Perhaps, it's ...

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