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Any texteditor & textutil Still intrigued by your problem I found the following solution. There is a Terminal app called textutil and it allows to convert richtext to plane text. Edit and save your 'Rich' text anyway you want to (like in TextEdit). Use the commandline textutil to convert your rich text to normal text textutil richtext.rtf -convert ...


HTML/Javascript A way to do some simple text editing independent of the system is using a combination of HTML and Javascript. This is Ascii as simple as it gets. The code below is shamelessly stolen from the thiscouldbebetter.wordpress.com, and will give you some direction on how to implement this. <html> <body> <table> ...


TextEdit You mention that Apple lost its mind with TextEdit. In what way specifically? Anyway, I would suggest TextEdit: It can open any .txt file as plain text It works out of the box It allows users to use the mouse You can list your current preferences programatically like: defaults read com.apple.TextEdit You can always set the preferences ...


You can try ⇞ page up and ⇟ page down, which usual pages one whole page back and forth. I don't think there is a system wide shortcut to scroll by line.


You cannot. I switched to TextMate which is much more sufficient for my needs. Some review about integrated editors here where some open sourcing of the excellent editors has happened.


Rightclick on the file --> Other --> Choose your favorite text editor (I choose Sublime text in my Applications folder) --> Check the 'Always Open with' checkbox --> Open. This setting will be automatically applied to all other files in the machine. No need of any restart or no need of any 3rd party software.

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