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I actually think there's little reason to be concerned, provided in Settings > Network, your Wi-Fi or Ethernet is ahead of iPhone USB in the left-hand list. OS X will go down the list and pick the first network provider that it needs to. So long as your WiFi stays up, you're fine. I confirmed this by opening Network Utility and examining the transfer stats. ...


Click the plus in the bottom-left corner. When you're iPhone is connected, you should be able to add it.


In order to do this in Yosemite, you'll need to go back to the main screen of System Preferences and click on the Sharing preference pane. In the sidebar, there will be an Internet Sharing option. Click on this to view its settings. Now set the "Share your connection from" drop down to Wi-Fi and then check the Bluetooth PAN checkbox in the menu below. Next ...


First things first, you do not need to worry too much about mobile data consumption when connected to Wi-Fi. As depicted in your picture, Wi-Fi is listed above the iPhone USB interface and will take precedence as the primary interface. In other words, all traffic will be sent to Wi-Fi until it is no longer available or you manually change the service order ...

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