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You can use screen. This allows you to set up new screens in your shell which you can switch between. Quick reference guide: ctrl-C creates a new screen ctrl-N switches screens ctrl-D ends screen


The easiest way to run a command in the background is to put an & at the end of the command. It will start, and return you to the prompt immediately. Another way would be to suspend the current process with CTRLz, and type bg, the corollary to the fg command you already looked up.


That is called the visual bell, and by default it’s enabled when your sound is muted. To change that setting, go into Terminal > Preferences > Profiles > <your profile> > Advanced. You can also run echo $'\nset bell-style off' >> ~/.inputrc to disable Readline's use of the bell (deleting on an empty line, tab-complete, etc.). You will need to ...


I think you need to run the command as in root for this. sudo hdiutil compact <sparseimage>


The issue is that your PATH is messed up. The reason why echo works is because it is a builtin command in the shell so the shell does not use your path to find the executable. You need to see what script file had an export PATH in it which set it to “users/ZILLURRAHMAN/desktop/bioinformatics/bow-tie/bowtie2-2.2.3/BT2_HOME:?? which has many error in it. The ...


I've been looking for a way to bookmark SSH commands and eventually I developed a Mac app for our team, called TaskTips (https://task.tips/). Basically it can save you time by indexing your SSH commands, and autocomplete when you search SSH tasks, executing tasks automatically. If it is also helpful for someone else, I would be really happy about it.


I was under the impression that .bundle files are actually folders - in your terminal application, try typing the following: cd archive_name.bundle ls For example, on my end: $float:Plug-ins string$ cd IMDB.bundle/ $float:IMDB.bundle string$ ls $Contents README.md


The contents of my /usr/local/bin folder are pictured below. Excluding wireshark and noip2, those are the files that you should have. FYI, I'm running OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 (Build 13F34)

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