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I had the same problem with my iPad Mini. I used an iPhone backup when initialising it. Just reset the iPad Mini and now both iPhone and iPad webpages show together on my MacBook. Each iOS device have the others webpages with MacBook.


I think I got your answer. I spent all day looking for this. I use a great free app called BetterTouchTool( using OS X 10.10 ) to add aditional gestures and shortcuts to all apple devices, and it work instantaneously! No delay! I will make screenshots with each step you need to configure. NOTE: It will bind the mouse position as a keyboard shortcut of your ...


I guess these links are generic ones, for example a generic link to a start page or a category or such. Clicking on a article headline usually takes you to a dedicated link address, wich may persistently point to that particular article.


Probably not. You need to think of the nature of the iPad. It is RAM constrained (and battery constrained, but that probably doesn't affect this as much as RAM), so it often suspends apps so they can be "reconstituted". Depending on what you do in the week (a long time in app land) the pages would be suspended and removed from memory. Reopen the browser ...

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