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Your best bet is that iCloud can only show one device at a time. What you could try to do, however, is link the two iOS devices together via Bluetooth. That might sync the tabs between the two and list both of their tabs. If not, than iCloud is a one-at-a-time thing.


In OSX Terminal, hold down the keys ⌘+Shift while arrowing right or left. This will allow you to switch between active tabs. When on the tab you wish to close, as you noted, ⌘+w will close that tab.


Go to Window → Merge All Windows. In Safari, this merges other windows into the currently active window. In Finder, this merges the current windows into other window. Alternatively, you can show the tab bar with View → Show Tab Bar. This lets you drag the tab when only one tab in a window is open.


You need to drag a tab - Safari won't let you drag an entire window into another one. You can hit ⌘T to create a new empty tab (thus making the tab interface visible), then drag your original tab to the other window.


Yes, you can. Just drag the tab of the new window in the right location of the old window, and it is done. In this way you can also drag-n-drop tabs of safari between different open windows. I know it works in Chrome like this

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