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First: clear your dad's iPhone from your AppleID. Second: login into your AppleID and remove the iPhone 4 from your devices list Third: create a new AppleID from this link: https://appleid.apple.com/account More info : http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2731 Lastly: set created new AppleID on your dad's iPhone 4 at least enjoy working with that ! Dixon ...


try uBar, which is a Windows-style taskbar for OS X (I am the developer). Just set Window Grouping to Never in the preferences, and it will display each individual window in the bar.


You can't move the menu bar to your application top. This is a designed function from the original desktop metaphor. This is providing both an ergonomic (it's faster to move to a fix location) and a security function (this area is protected, and thus can never get hidden). You can move your keyboard to the menu bar: ctrl ^+F2 and from there access any ...


Of course, the most convenient way to snapshot on Mac is by pressing keyboard shortcuts, however, this traditional method lacks additional features like making annotations, uploading images online for sharing, etc. For this purposes, you can make use of professional Mac screenshot tools that features the same function as Snipping Tool. Grab - A built-in ...

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