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It appears you are looking at the iCloud info in System Preferences on an Apple laptop or desktop. Inside System Preferences, after you click on iCloud, you then click on Manage in the lower right corner. When that window comes up, the top option is highlighted but not necessarily selected. If it's not selected, the backups will not show in the right column. ...


Could be anything. App updates, new apps, a virus that downloads stuff for you, automatically installed software, or a host of other things. If you did have an application on your Mac like Dropbox or Google Drive, (either of which could automatically be downloading stuff onto your computer) it could be that, but you do not. Here's what you should do: ...


Your best option is to get a memory expansion module. I have a 2013 Air and I purchased the PNY 128gb StorEDGE. It's very fast and would double the available storage on your Air. As others have indicated, opening the Air to add another/bigger SSD would be more expensive and difficult than just adding an expansion module.


You can reformat your HDD in FAT or exFAT format (from the Mac or from the PC), so you'll be able to use it with both machines. BTW the software to use on the mac is Disk Utility, in Applications /Utilities

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