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You can use an external hard disk formatted with HFS+ as a Time Machine target for several Macs without problems. Time Machine itself will make sure that the data is not getting mixed up by using the name of each Mac as part of the path.


In a Terminal, use the following command: mdfind "kMDItemKind == '*movie'" This will output the fully qualified pathnames of files in which the metadata stores used by Spotlight classify it as some type of movie. Example output from a movie taken on my iPhone and transferred to iPhotos on my Mac, one of the lines outputted by mdls is: kMDItemKind ...


I've had this issue multiple times. My podcast app would show it is using 500MB of space but there were no saved podcasts. Same deal with several other apps. I had No photos on my phone nor did I have any music. Still, I only showed an available 600MB of space available on my phone. After doing several hard restarts computer reboots and syncs, the ...


If you make two different partitions in the external HD, you can easily have the two different Time Machine backup in the each partition. You only need to specify the partition to use for the MacBook during the initial Time Machine setup. Then the Mac would know which partition to use for its backup the next time you connect the external HD. The same goes ...

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