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It all comes down to your convenience. The MacBook Pro (MBP) uses a proprietary interface for their SSD; PCIe 2.0 x4. This is why they are so expensive as you have noticed. Upgrading the SSD in the MBP to a larger SSD, whether you get it at time of purchase or you get it later on, is going to be an expensive proposition and the only reason that you do ...


NB: For the purpose of this answer, I will assume you are using Time Machine. No, these are Time Machine's "Mobile Backups". You can disable them by running, from (you may be prompted for your password) sudo tmutil disablelocal # disables local backups and if the above command didn't remove the backups after a while, from ...


No, iMessage and iCloud are (for all intents and purposes) unrelated services. Photos and videos sent or received through iMessage are only stored on Apple's servers long enough to deliver them to all devices you have registered, or seven days, whichever occurs first.


When my Mac was almost full it used to do that. Usually 2 or 3 GB, i believe that is really a kind of cache. I upgraded my storage with a SD adapter and it stopped to happen. Mine is from TheMiniDrive, now i have more 256GB hehehe


You've got some different questions here. The iCloud app isn't meant to show your photos; that's what the Photos app is for. When you delete photos, it doesn't actually delete them; it puts them in a folder called "Recently Deleted" where they are retained for 30 days before actually being deleted. You have to delete them again from that folder if you want ...


I also chose a minidrive to upgrade my storage. But i bought mine on TheMiniDrive and it works great. I think is the simplest solution and if you need more than 128GB they can provide the device. Ask through email. Mine is 256GB


iPad internal storage is not extensible, but you can use services like iCloud Photos or Google Photos to store your pictures online and automatically download them as needed.

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