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No, placing files in iTunes doesn't reduce the space required on the Mac. The files are still stored on your Mac.


Your question has a few parts. I'll go through one by one. My iPad mini says I have 1701 photos. I deleted all except maybe a hundred. Ipad still says I have 1701 photos. I presume you don't see these photos anywhere. Meaning if you go to Photos, they aren't there, and that you're referencing the count in Preferences > General > About. In this case, ...


Your average drive is only warrantied for three years and then you are gambling with it as soon as you use it. Likewise, after several days of research, the conclusion was that the Hitachi Ultrastar drives are the best. Specifically the 3TB drives as they were the least likely to fail by a significant margin. These drives come with a five year warranty as ...

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