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Your question is hard to answer because you don't mention the layer you are looking at. There at least four layers to consider: Hardware layer Usually the hardware consists of some administrative blocks, the "payload" blocks and some spare blocks. A hard drive contains some dozen and an SSD drive up to 15% of the official size of spare/reserve blocks. ...


In the past, Apple doesn't upgrade any storage as a rule. This is HDD/SSD across the board. The only exceptions I've known are: If you have several internal bays and you buy the part (Think Mac Pro with 4 SATA bays or Xserve / Xserve RAID) You are paying for a service repair and they upgrade you for free to a larger drive. You don't ask for it, but Apple ...


The Retina MacBooks use a format of SSD that can be replaced, but Apple does not make it especially easy for simple replacement. Rather than the more familiar 2.5" HD format you might be familar with, the Retina use a newer blade style, somewhat similar to memory modules. Your best bet it to look over the ifixit guides, to see what is involved: ...


I just had this same issue, with a 3GB discrepancy between what iTunes and my iPhone were showing as free space. After looking through "Manage Storage" I realized that iTunes doesn't see the space taken up by downloading music for offline listening through apps like Spotify, but your iPhone does. The numbers matched almost perfectly. Hope that helps.


First of you you cannot expand a RAID-1 (Mirror). If you want to make a larger RAID array you will have to back up the drives and recreate the RAID array in a different configuration. Once you have done that you have several configuration options with 4 disks. A quick google of types of RAID will show that... However if it were me I would set up the 4 3TB ...


Go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage (iCloud) and delete the backup for your old phone. The new phone will overwrite it own backups, just like the old phone did. It won't overwrite the backup for another device (I.e your old phone).


Try Microsoft Essentials Photo Gallery The iPhone's folder hierarchy was never meant to be human-readable.

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