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This is expected - the iPhone 4S does not have stereo speakers. The left "box" is actually a microphone: image from apple.com/iphone/specs.html


The fact that people say they are getting sound from both grills at the bottom of any iPhone is total nonsense, all models have a Microphone and a speaker at the bottom. If Apple replaces the microphone with a speaker, the phone would be rendered useless as there would be no way of it picking up speech. It is a very common misunderstanding. A couple of ...


There is a Universal Access option to do this.


Since no-one has stepped up with an answer, I'm going to add a few things that may help get you (or someone else) closer to an answer. In a nutshell, your question is about HSP - the mono headset profile and A2DP - the stereo profile. HSP was designed for two way, low latency (delay) audio - designed for the limited spectrum telephone lines send for human ...


Bluetooth devices are designed to function under certain "profiles". This is what allows a headset to work with Skype versus Bluetooth headphones which might work with iTunes. Apple's iOS uses very restrictive setup with their Bluetooth profiles. Because of this you cannot pair an iPod touch to a mobile phone. Here is a list of the supported Bluetooth ...


Both displays show up as audio input and output devices on your Mac and you can pick one or the other to route audio in to from applications. You might be able to create an aggregate device out of them and use them as a four channel output source, but that would not turn out well sonically speaking. You can see it here.


I would recommend getting a usb audio device ("USB soundcard"). I'm not an expert audiophile, but an amazon search for usb audio interface will reveal a lot of price points to give you different audio out options which should sound better in a stereo system than the headphone port.

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