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Neither of the suggested proposals is advisable. If you erase and reinstall Windows all the music will be lost. Creating a second bootable disk is a complex and error-prone task. If the Windows volume really still exists you can access it in read-only mode and save your music to the OS X volume by default. If you also need write access install an ...


There is an application that comes with your Mac (in /Applications/Utilities) called Boot Camp Assistant. Launch that and follow the instructions provided on screen. I am guessing that you have a disk image file of the Windows installer on your computer. If you double-click on it it will open up into a virtual hard drive. If that is the case Boot Camp ...


FileVault must be on. This is why you must enter your credentials after single-user mode is requested.


You technically can't... But there are a few things you can do instead. Using a few techniques I picked up on the interwebs, I've figured out a way to both Disable the boot chime (seriously, I don't recommend this. This is here for debug purposes, disabling it can be a very bad plan) Run a sound at login (not boot - for some reason, at least in El ...

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