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The question does not mention a model, let's assume that the Mac is a model that gained a firmware update in connection with Yosemite. If so, then – for use with Mavericks (without Yosemite) – it may be desirable to reinstall lesser firmware. … Erased HD … – that would have erased an operating system without affecting firmware. A suggestion ...


In the NTFS control panel, there is an option to uninstall. I did that, and, without restarting, I have the option again!


Try and format the disk by using Disk Utility built into the installer (Utility > Disk Utility) then try and reinstall. This should work since 'Macintosh HD' is only a volume and not the actual SSD. I used this method to fix the b-node tree error or whatever it is where I couldn't write to it.


njboot is not completely wrong..If there is a chance to do what you are suggesting, it would make the booting process slower. The presence of a timecapsule is found by osx, only after the bonjour service detects the Timecapsule. Bonjour service kicks in only after a user logs in. The slowness may be caused by the sheer amount of data that needs to be ...

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