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Ok, the solution was ridiculous... Really. My MacMini got any signals from infrared like maybe only the light or any remote control or whatever in room. It works normal when I put anything on the infrared-receiver on my MacMini. The signal was like an option-keypress (menu on remote control) Hope that helps people in future


Sounds very much like the graphics chip is on the blink again, it's pretty common to see these units fail again and again... Unfortunately you won't be able to get it serviced any more as it's classified as obsolete by Apple now so no parts are available, although maybe eBay etc... There is a chance you could do an OS reinstall to verify it's a hardware ...


This question is a year old but I am going to answer it incase someone else runs into this same issue. I just bought a mid 2011 27" refurb iMac from IBM and they scrubbed the HD completely. This eliminated pretty much every option there was for installing an OS on the Mac. The problem is that when these models shipped they had either Lion (10.7) or at ...


It can happen, if you doesn't have selected a specific start-volume. From the Apple menu choose System Preferences. Click the Startup Disk icon in System Preferences, or choose View > Startup Disk. Select your startup disk from the list of available volumes. After that, restart your mac and the blackscreen shouldn't appear before a start.


An installed OS X can be specific to older models. People that administer Macs professionally call this situation "forked" and no one likes to be "forked" by surprise. Boot the new Mac to the setup assistant (or if you have made an account there already consider making a new test user account and backing up everything on the new mac that you need to save). ...


It appears to be quite complicated to boot an OS other than Mac OS from USB. See this thread on Ask Ubuntu for discussion on someone trying to do similar. I know you don't want to install anything on the host system, but installing rEFInd or the older rEFIt may get you there. In that aforementioned thread a few people mentioned that once they had it ...


This was apparently some known issue because when I took the computer to be fixed, they simply replaced the motherboard for free.

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