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When the system prompts you to save your session in the following dialog: Make sure that you do NOT check the Remember password in my keychain checkbox. If you did check that, then you can always delete that saved password in the Keychain Access app, located in your Utilities folder: Notice that even if you don't check the box, SSH does cache your ...


Happened same error for me today when I tried to update a wordpress plugin. I was connected to wifi. Just switched to LAN, and it worked!!! Hope this helps someone.


sorry assuming using a mac. open favorite text editor, bbedit, textwrangler, vi, etc,.. cd ~ cd .ssh vi knownhosts locate the shared key delete all of them, if there are multiple. save and ssh to server and they will negotiate again. -x


(With great thanks to @Tetsujin for pointing me in the right direction) Looking up details of the certificates, in browsers that allow doing that and in Keychain Access, showed that all the breakage was traceable to a "VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5" which was untrusted; I haven't figured out why that was, and it wasn't ...

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