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In your local network setup all services heavily rely on a properly working Bonjour service (dns-sd), because you have no local domain name service. To detect propagated dns-sd services of a host use the following command (please replace "ip-address" below by the ip-address of your Mac named user-mbp; use ifconfig -a on that Mac to get it): dig ...


Append .local to your machine name. If that works, and you don't want to have to do that, in System Preferences > (interface) > Advanced > Search Domains, add ".local".


In this solution we need to tell ssh to create a pseudo terminal with -tt then use a heredoc to send the commands to the remote location. ssh -tt user@domain.com <<EOF cd /var/www/website/ git pull logout EOF


You are being prompted for the password every time because your "login" keychain is being locked after inactivity and/or sleeping or in your case a reboot. There are two ways to solve this for you. Change the settings for your "login" keychain. Assuming your ssh key is stored in the "login" keychain. Open Keychain Access Highlight the "login" keychain ...


XQuartz, which is the OS X X-server implementation doesn't support native Aqua apps like Mail.app, just regular unix X-server apps - xterm, etc, so I don't think this will work for you. However, OS X does come with VNC built in, if you want to share screens from Windows. It's under Sharing in System Preferences, check the box for 'Screen Sharing'. See this: ...


Use the .pem key rather than the .ppk key.


Just download Wine and download PuTTy.exe and right click and run through wine and when wine opens hit enter (application support) and give it a second and it will open, just make sure you have a server

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