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This AppleScript ask you to choose some files, after that, it set the comment of each file to the file name. set input to choose file with prompt "Select files (to put the file name into the Spotlight Comment)" with multiple selections allowed tell application "Finder" repeat with i in input tell item i to try set tName to (get name) ...


They don't conflict. Spotlight is a pig on any first run on a newly accessed filesystem. On the other hand, Sophos will double the load caused by controlling all these filesystem accesses. I suggest you to let Spotlight terminate its heavy initial run alone by temporarily turning off the On-Access control of Sophos: I also suggest you to turn off the scan ...


You can include System Files like those in the Library folders in a Spotlight search, if you use Spotlight within Finder via the search bar in the top right corner of each Finder window. Just type in your search and click the small + appearing below the search bar. In the opening window search for System files and tick it's box for In Menu and click OK. ...


The command: mdutil -a -s will help you locate on which particular filesystem mds_store is looping on error. For example: /Volumes/flamme 1 250 Go/Backups.backupdb: Error: unexpected indexing state. kMDConfigSearchLevelTransitioning

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