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It's supposed to disappear after you use Spotlight three times, but you can force it to disappear by setting the use count to three and setting showedFTE to true: defaults write com.apple.Spotlight showedFTE -bool true defaults write com.apple.Spotlight useCount -int 3 killall -HUP Spotlight


From Apple Support: Spotlight: How to re-index folders or volumes From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences. Click Spotlight. Click the Privacy tab. Drag a folder or an entire volume (your hard drive) to the list. If prompted for confirmation, click OK. Remove the item or volume you just added to the list by clicking it and then ...


Indexing can be enabled or disabled only on the root of the drive, so, "/Volumes/volName". You can read more about the command by typing man mdutil into the terminal. An excerpt: -i on | off: Sets the indexing status for the provided volumes to on or off. Note that indexing may be delayed due to low disk space or other conditions. Also, indexing ...


Easiest fix is to launch notes and compose a bogus note with the Apple keyboard, then change keyboard back.


The problem was caused by a corrupt Launch Services cache, and I solved it by executing the following command: sudo find /System/Library/Frameworks -type f -name lsregister -exec {} -kill -seed -r \; The clue was that the segfault was occurring at CSStoreGetUnit + 84 in both processes; a quick Google search leads to a blog entry which suggested cache ...


Search for OS X identify process by window I found What process owns a certain window (Mac OS X) which told me this after moving the Window: RetinaMBPro1TB:bin jeroenp$ ./show-recently-moved-windows.py Move target window List of windows that moved: {( { kCGWindowAlpha = 1; kCGWindowBounds = { Height = 1094; ...


You don't need a Mac running OS X Server in order to take advantage of Spotlight. Personally, I have a Synology NAS with AFP, SMB and NFS shares that Spotlight has indexed. (I do avoid SMB because it is much slower than AFP or NFS) From the client (iMac or Macbook Air) mount the shared folder as you normally would From terminal on the client run the ...

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