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The place where you set spell check is System Preferences/Keyboard/Text/Spelling. Go to the Setup item there and check the boxes for all three languages you want, and then set it to Automatic. Automatic doesn't always work perfectly, however. Below is the result I get with just boxes for English, French, and Spanish checked and set to Automatic.


I do not use Chrome (often) and Firefox is my favorite browser. So I added Spanish to the Spell check and if I right click and select it it works just fine. One drawback is it applies to the whole text so I can not spell check just a single word. If you want to do that in Chrome: Under the Edit tab select the Spelling and Grammar-> Show Now select ...


ALMOST SOLVED I got this solution to work in some Applications (like Finder, TextEdit, Firefox, ...) but not others (like Outlook, Chrome, ... ) A 'context click' can be mapped to a key/key-combo using all native Mac OS X features (thanks to its NeXT/OPENSTEP heritage). However, the solution is pretty technical "under the cover" stuff, and it may take ...

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